joe reynolds jos_reyn@yahoo.com
Sun, 1 Dec 2002 11:44:52 -0800 (PST)

 yes that should be the name of the writers working on
script of my life... or their attorneys. 
 this isn't the ususal sort of email from me. I just
got off the phone. Pat called me which is chancy at
best of times being the ex with whom relations have
always been tenuous at best. Weird when not at best. A
lot like everyone else's life in that respect I guess.
It was odd as I had just got off Internet about a
minute before checking email and sending some work of
and a "please pay me for services or I'll shoot this
stuffed chinchilla again" type note. She wants to do
some shopping nd see new Harry Potter. 
  Beware surprises out of nowhere...
  She nneds an ear I guess seems she has all sorts of
stuff coming at her from the three kids. Well that is
life I assume - at least that I was expecting when I
became a parent. However, seems among it all the word
'grandchild' came up. Don't know which one of three
that refers to but if is the one Pat and I are parents
of is imposssible - I'm not old enopugh to have an
adult child and I also still have all my hair and
everything is wonderful.
  Okay, thats' three lies in a row. I feel much better
right now. Am contemplating question - Am I homeless
if I run away - right now!? 
	 Ex-wife wants to talk. 
 	 Oh, dear... I'm trying to recall if there are any
bars around here.
		I don't care if our daughter is in her thirties
(When the hell did that happen and without
permission!) she is going to sit in the corner on time
out for this one - even if not her that's pregnant or
whatever it all is.
		Zen Arrgghs, Joe

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