[Hpn] Fw: U got the date wrong on 'Drop-in center for homeless to open' story

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Dear Morgan:

You are correct in that I put the wrong date on the Times Argus story.  I
meant for it to be a background archive story but when I typed the date, I
have been tying" 2002" so much that I made a mistake and did not type 2001.

Although I did not post this story to HPN, I will forward your note so that
the HPN group will know the correct date if they see the article on the
Homeless Daily News and they will know that I made a mistake and that you
helped by catching it for us.  I will make the correction to the Homelesss
Daily News  so it will not go out that way to other lists.

Thanks for your help.  When we all work together, so much more can be
done - even when we make mistakes!



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If you had looked more carefully on the Times Argus Web page for this
story, you would have noticed that the date for it was August 20,
2001 and not for this year, go to:

Drop-in center for homeless to open:


I hope you post a correction on the Homeless News list so people will
know not to expect something that won't be taking place as described
for last year.

That said, word I have is that they hope to open up again come the
fall for the winter season. They closed down in early April for a
lack of volunteers and burn out of those few volunteers and staff
they had at the time.