[Hpn] Billy McManus's 2 hung jury counts is being retried

paula farrell paula_95814@yahoo.com
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 16:28:43 -0700 (PDT)

Dear HPN friends,
re: Billy McManus, found not guilty of camping, his
attorney Kelly Tanalepy using the necessity.  He had 3
camping tickets, 1st one-not guilty. The other 2--11
jurors said not guilty, one juror disagreeing.
Well, the City Attorney is taking the other 2 counts
to retrial.
Billy's still having to sleep outside.  He is being
hasseled way more than usual.  I don't know what we
should do.  Accompany him in mass?  Ask for support to
write who? 
The police and rangers were not issuing tickets for
sleeping outside for awhile after the trial, but that
has all changed.  18 people were taken to jail last
Friday 3am and didn't get out of jail until Wednesday.
 They were taken to jail for sleeping on St. John's
Lutheran Churches steps.  Sweeps have resumed, usually
in the daytime when people's possessions are left at
camp, being confiscated by rangers (out on American
River Parkway).
Billy will probably win in court again.  There are
only 100-200 beds for men in shelters and 1 or 2
thousand homeless people in Sacramento.
Maybe better news next time. Oh, yeah, the 8 people
arrested in Sacramento on July 11 for staying on
Capitol grounds waiting for Governor Davis to protect
them from the Cities' cruel anti-sleeping laws--cases
were dismissed Wednesday.
Paula Lomazzi
Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee
(916) 442-2156

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