[Hpn] Universal Living Wage Campaign Blossoms!

RRTroxell@aol.com RRTroxell@aol.com
Sun, 25 Aug 2002 21:25:06 EDT

Universal Living Wage Campaign Blossoms!

    The Universal Living Wage Campaign has come of age with the 500th 
organizational endorsement!!  The Bucks County Housing Group in Wrightstown, 
Pennsylvania has become the 500th organization, business, or municipality to 
call on the United States Congress to fix the federal minimum wage!   Not to 
be outdone, Texas immediately followed suite as     Colonias Unidas became 
the 501st organization to endorse.  

    With union support representing large blocks of teachers, auto workers, 
and communication workers, almost 800,000 people are represented endorsers.  

    This four year grassroots national campaign was launched on April 15, 
2001.  It is based on the moral premise:  that anyone working a 40 hour week 
should be able to afford basic rental housing wherever that work is done 
throughout the United Sates. 

    Please go to our interactive web site at www.UniversalLivingWage.org, 
sign on and get your organization to sign on.  Join the national movement to 
fix the federal minimum wage!!