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Subject: We will NOT be moved! Tent City Press Conference

**URGENT**Press Conference**TENT CITY**Wed Aug 28, 10am**

Join us for a press conference at Tent City tomorrow, Wednesday August 28,
at 10am. We need all Tent City supporters to join us -
bring your banners, signs and union flags! This community is the largest
squatter camp in the history of Canada. Please come in
their time of crisis to show your support!  See the press release below for
more details.

Tent City is located south of Lakeshore boulevard, between Parliament and
Cherry St.  There is an entrance to Tent City directly off
of Lakeshore boulevard, by a burnt out small building.  Coming by TTC? Take
the 72A bus from Pape or Union Station, get off at the
Parliament and Mill stop, walk south to Lakeshore.  or take the 65A bus
from Castlefrank or Union Station, get off at the Parliament
and Front stop, walk south of Lakeshore.

See you there!

For Immediate Release

"We will not be moved...
Until there is housing"

Tent City under Duress -- Threats of eviction, police
harassment and lack of basic health standards

Rally and Press Conference
10am, Wednesday August 28, 2002
Tent City -- south of Lakeshore Boulevard, between Cherry & Parliament St.

Tent City, the village that Canada's homeless disaster built is being
threatened with evictions, police harassment and inadequate
facilities.  Police entered Tent City last week, ostensibly to investigate
the "stealing of electricity." Police entered homes
saying they "did not need a search warrant". When a resident protested and
his dog barked at them, witnesses heard police threaten
to kill the dog.

Police spoke to Beric German of the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee
(TDRC) and separately to a Tent City resident and said "soon
people will be out of here". The reality is that Tent City residents need
more aid including electricity, toilets, and food. They
need the simple necessities for the site to meet international refugee camp
standards and to fulfill basic public health criteria.
As one resident put it, referring to police actions and lack of health
standards, "we are not animals."

It has been over one year since the City agreed to a plan to house Tent
City residents. No land has materialized to fulfill that
task. In the meantime, there have been hostel closings, and numerous police
sweeps of homeless people from parks and alleys, even
during the Pope's visit.  The result has been that Tent City has swelled to
over 100 people.  Not incidentally, the village of Tent
City is saving the hostel system at least $100,000 a month and a million
dollars a year.  This would be a substantial down-payment
to house all the people on a new site.

Tent City residents and supporters will gather on Wednesday August 28, at
10am to speak out about these matters. They will also sing
a resounding old and appropriate song "We shall not be moved."

For more information, contact the TDRC office at 416-599-8372

6 Trinity Square, Toronto, ON M5G 1B1
Phone: 416-599-8372, Fax: 416-599-5445
NEW EMAIL: tdrc@tdrc.net
NEW WEBSITE: www.tdrc.net