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     August 27, 2002 - live Index to Articles - Issue # 232
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Whenever you see an article on "The Homeless" or "Homelessness"
in your local news, email it to us (or drop us a note with the
title of the article, name of newspaper or magazine, and date.)
If you do not have the address, that's OK, we can search it out
and post it to the forum. Send to homelessnews@egoups.com 

There were 8 news articles added for this issue:

1. Homeless Daily News for August 26, 2002 - Issue 231

2. Los Angeles, CA - Bus Driver Accused of Killing Homeless
Man Freed on Bail - Los Angeles Times - August 22 2002

3. Oxnard, CA - Cable Channels to Air Shows on Homeless
- Los Angeles Times - August 24 2002

4. Los Angeles, CA - Redevelopment Plans for Skid Row 
Raise Questions - Los Angeles times - August 24 2002

5. Leesburg, VA - Anti-sprawl fervor meets backlash
- USA TODAY - August 25, 2002

6. Los Angeles, CA - Homeless Advocates Sue L.A. Over 
Downtown Plan - Los Angeles Times - August 21 2002

7. NYC, NY - Bloomberg: We'll Find Shelters for the homeless
- NY NewsDay - August 23, 2002

8. San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Rethinks Cash Aid
to Homeless - San Francisco Examiner - August 26, 2002 


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