[Hpn] Homeless Daily News for August 22, 2002 - Issue 227

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       Homeless Daily News for August 22, 2002 Issue # 227
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There were 10 news articles added today:
Prior Issue:
1. Homeless Daily News for August 21, 2002 - Issue 226

2. San Francisco, CA - Support plus housing key to ending
homelessness - San Francisco Chronicle - August 20, 2002

3. NYC, NY - Squatters Get New Name: Residents 
- New York Times - August 21, 2002

4. San Francisco, CA - 'Care not cash'aka 'More muggings now?'
- San Francisco Chronicle - August 20, 2002

5. NYC, NY - Homelessness reaches record, mayor search for
answers - Boston Herald - August 20, 2002

6. Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Province provides additional
units for homeless  - Canadian News Wire - August 20, 2002

7. Union City, CA - Group aims to shelter homeless
- San Jose Mercury News - August 21, 2002

8. Alameda County, CA - Homeless task force says counties 
should pay bill - CONTRA COSTA TIMES - August 20, 2002

 9. Marysville, WA - Family can't believe a house is 
really home - Everett Daily Herald - August 21, 2002

10. Santa Clara County - Doctor's Teen Van brings health
care to homeless - San Jose Mercury News - August 21, 2002


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