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Houses, Not Jails

To the Editor - New York Times - August 14, 2002 

Re "Jail Reopens as a Shelter for Families" (news article, Aug.12):

In spite of the rapidly increasing number of homeless families
seeking shelter each day across New York City, former jails are
not the place to house New York's most vulnerable citizens.

At present, New York City sets aside fewer than 100 units of
housing with support services for the thousands of homeless
families lingering (at great financial expense) in emergency
shelters across the city.

These shelters are overburdened and crisis-ridden. Nothing short
of a commitment to develop cost-effective and affordable
permanent housing, like that proposed in an agreement between the
city and state calling for 1,500 units with support services for
formerly homeless families, will correct this situation. 

LAURI COLE  - New York, Aug. 12, 2002 
The writer is executive director of Aspha/Tier II Coalition, which 
represents nonprofit providers of emergency shelters for the homeless.

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