[Hpn] DOJ - Department of Justice Materials Available - Over 1.4 Million Prisoners in Adult Correctional Facilities at Year end 2001

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Department of Justice Materials Available


Over 1.4 Million Prisoners Were Under the Jurisdiction of Federal
or State Adult Correctional Authorities at Year end 2001.

"Prisoners in 2001" (16 pp.) (NCJ 195189)

Reports the number of persons in State and Federal prisons at
year-end, compares the increase in the prison population during
2001 with that of the previous year, and gives the prison growth
rates since 1995.

The report also provides the number of male and female prisoners
on December 31, 2001.

It includes incarceration rates for the States; and the 10
highest and 10 lowest jurisdictions for selected characteristics,
including growth rate, number of prisoners held, and
incarceration rates.

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