[Hpn] A lot to blame dealing with homeless young man's death in New York

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You made a number of good points Indio.  One question though - what
was this 16 year old doing in personal possesion of prescription drugs
inside of a city homeless shelter?

Perhaps others have some comments too.

It looks to me like you have about 75% of a very good Letter to the
NewYork Times or at least as questions to pose to Nina for a follow-up

Wadd'a you think?


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A lot of people in the City agencies are at fault with the homeless
young man, I think.

The original Caseworker should have made an assessment of the
family needs such as housing, food and medical assistance during
the intake. As a former Caseworker, Supt. 1 and Casemanager with
the city when it was called Human Resources Administration
/Department of Social Services, I know that you get the training to
make these assessments.

All Caseworkers, Supervisors and Casemanagers must have a college
degree!  Therefore, you did not have anybody with just a high
school diploma or little education.

What you did have was a lot of people that just did not care at
all, period! The Caseworker can refer clients to the nurse, if
one is present or have the client and families taken to the
hospital if deemed so.

If the Caseworker is not sure then the Caseworker goes to the
Supt.1 and a decision is made.  If the Supt. 1 is not sure, it
goes to the Supt. 2 or Supt. 3, if necessary. There is a chain of

All intakes are documented and the Caseworker writes down what
has been done and signs his or her name in the file.  This is
done with each case. The child could have been examined by the
nurse 'n had the boy taken to the hospital to ascertain if the
boy was in imminent danger by a doctor because he has a mental

The caseworker should also refer families to the nurse to
ascertain if the mother is in good health as well as the children
if deemed so.  In other words, you are supposed to use your own
judgment because you have had basic training on what to be on the
lookout for.

But most of the time, workers in Emergency Assistance Unit as
well in the Emergency Children's Services, do not care because
it's just a 9 to 5, a job!

And, another thing to take a look at is that most of the
Caseworkers at ACS are minorities! What does that tell you?

Who really cares? The Commissioner knows what to do but she takes
orders from the Mayor!

What time did the operator inform The Fire Department to send an
ambulance to assist the father and his son?

What is going on?  A lot of BULL-SUGAR!

The Mayor as well as the his two Commissioners know what to do.

The Fire Commissioner was the former Commissioner of Children's
Service and did nothing when he was in charge!

I come to think that most people care more about a sick animal
more than a human in need. We need people that care about other

But that is too hard to do because we are not our brother or
sister's keeper! OR ARE WE?

Editor 'n Chief of Street News

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<< Mayor Wants Investigation Into Homeless Boy's Death

by NINA BERNSTEIN - New York Times - August 9, 2002

Calling the suicide of a teenager in a homeless shelter a
tragedy, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg asked commissioners to
investigate several aspects of the case yesterday, including how
long it took for an ambulance to arrive at the scene, and whether
better coordination between the city's social service agencies
could prevent similar incidents.

"We as a society clearly fell down," Mr. Bloomberg said. "There's
no question about that. The question is, what can we do to keep
it from happening again?" ===================