[Hpn] Re: NIMBY Confronts Housing Task Force; Burlington, VT; WCAX-TV Report;8/9/02

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Dear Morgan:

Good news article on Housing Task Force report in Burlington.

Did you notice that in all the links, reports and activities there
appears to have been no participation by those called homeless or any
homeless or human nonprofit "service providers" either?

As there was not a major component addressing homelessness, I ran a
special search routine on each section of the related city of
Burlington web pages and found that the word "homeless" does not
appear in any of the Housing Task Force work or reccomendations.

Is there another term or word that replaces or is used instead of
"homeless in Vermont?"

When I checked the Channel 3 news archives, there was nothing on the
web site archives after November 2001 that contained the work
"homeless" either.  With all the newspaper coverage on homelessness
back in March, that all seems a little odd to me.

Any idea what has caused this, or can you help a fellow from the deep
south understand Burlington, Vermont better?


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-------Forwarded article-------

Friday, August 9, 2002
WCAX - Channel 3 - TV <http://www.wcax.com>
[Burlington, Vermont]
News section
NIMBY Confronts Housing Task Force

Burlington, Vermont -- August 9, 2002

Burlington mayor Peter Clavelle's Affordable Housing Task Force
<http://www.cedoburlington.org/housing/affhousing_taskforce.htm> spent
almost a year coming up with ideas to promote more housing in the
area, one of the nation's tightest housing markets. The sixteen-member
includes housing advocates AND developers. This week its report was

New housing is not being built fast enough to keep up with the demand,
the construction of government-subsidized affordable housing has risen
significantly in the last two years.