[Hpn] Japan homeless mens deaths investigated

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Police team to probe deaths of homeless men
August 13, 2002
CHIBA (Kyodo) The Chiba Prefectural Police on Monday set up a special team
to investigate the deaths of two homeless men whose bodies were found near
the entrance to the Chiba Park gym here early Sunday.
According to investigative sources, Masaru Hasegawa, 54, and Ryokichi
Kagaya, 60, are believed to have died between Saturday night and Sunday
morning. In addition, a 68-year-old homeless man was found to have been
attacked and wounded in the park by a group of four young men at the same
The police are investigating whether the four young men were responsible for
the two deaths, the sources said.
Both men lived in the park, which is about 500 meters from JR Chiba Station,
the police said. Autopsies will soon be conducted to identify the causes of
The deaths follow the fatal beating earlier this year of a homeless man in
Higashimurayama, a suburb in west Tokyo.
On the evening of Jan. 25, five boys aged 13 and 14 attacked Kunihiko
Suzuki, 55, as he was sleeping in a park in the city.
Suzuki, who had admonished the students for being noisy at a public library
the previous day, survived the initial beating, but the students later
assaulted him again, this time aided by two 17-year-old high school
students, and eventually killed him.

The Japan Times: Aug. 13, 2002
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