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Friday, August 9, 2002
WCAX - Channel 3 - TV <http://www.wcax.com>
[Burlington, Vermont]
News section
NIMBY Confronts Housing Task Force

Burlington, Vermont -- August 9, 2002

Burlington mayor Peter Clavelle's Affordable Housing Task Force 
<http://www.cedoburlington.org/housing/affhousing_taskforce.htm> spent 
almost a year coming up with ideas to promote more housing in the Burlington 
area, one of the nation's tightest housing markets. The sixteen-member panel 
includes housing advocates AND developers. This week its report was 

New housing is not being built fast enough to keep up with the demand, but 
the construction of government-subsidized affordable housing has risen 
significantly in the last two years. Examples are the Bove development in 
Burlington, now nearing completion, and Odell Parkway in South Burlington. 
Sarah Carpenter heads the Vermont Housing Finance Agency and co-chaired 
Clavelle's task force.

"I do believe local leadership is going to be the key," she told Channel 3. 
"Municipalities, city councils need to be supporting a whole variety of 
initiatives to get housing built."

This is the third housing report out of the city of Burlington in the last 
twenty years. But this one is regional, not just Burlington, and one member 
of the housing task force says he hopes it will gather more fingerprints 
than dust.

The report says new construction is essential throughout Chittenden County, 
although the Not In My Backyard syndrome has blocked construction in many 
cases. Carpenter said of new housing: "Even if it could be seen be 
somebody's backyard, even if it adds traffic, growth is important and having 
homes for our workers is important. And we need to support that in areas 
that have been designated good for residential housing."

Housing rehab is a priority too. For example, a condemned house in 
Burlington's old north end was targeted for a complete makeover. It was 
stripped down to be given a new life as an owner-occupied home.

Among the report's four-dozen initiatives to spur more housing are 
politically difficult measures, including more federal and state funding -- 
and tougher rules governing permit appeals. Here is where NIMBY comes in. 
Neighbors in the Hill section nearly killed the McAuley Square affordable 
housing project on Mansfield Avenue. It was built after several years of 
delay only after the developers agreed to scale it down considerably. In the 
words of one developer, opponents "bled the density out of it."

Brian Pine of the Community & Economic Development Office who served as 
staff for the task housing force said, "I think people need to look in the 
mirror a little bit. If the neighborhood I live in was opposed by previous 
neighbors that lived near us, we wouldn't have a place to live today."

To discourage NIMBY and keep the momentum going on housing, several members 
of the task force say public support is key. The task force's report will be 
presented to the Burlington city council at Monday night's meeting, along 
with a presentation on its conclusions.

Andy Potter <potter@wcax.com>, Channel 3 news.

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