[Hpn] Glasgow, Scotland - First Internet café for city's homeless opens - BBC News - August 7, 2002

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First Internet café for city's homeless in Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland - BBC News - August 7, 2002

Scotland's first internet café for the homeless is being
launched in Glasgow.

The café at the Lodging House Mission (LHM) in the
east end of the city is being opened by the Moderator of the
General Assembly Church of Scotland, the Rt Rev Finally

It forms part of a new project by the Kirk's Glasgow Presbytery
which offers a drop-in centre, café, shower facilities and
visiting health services.

The café features eight PCs with access to the web and e-mail.

Glasgow's homeless population will benefit

Rev Ross J McDonald, LHM development officer and Chaplain, said
the project represented "an exciting development".

"In 1907 when the Lodging House Mission was established lantern
slide shows were used to inform people of our work and share a
message of Christian hope and love," he said.

"Today we are embracing new technology. While the medium has
changed the same Christian care and compassion essential to the
establishment of the LHM is still at the heart of our work.

"It shows we are much more than an old fashioned soup kitchen,
offering homeless people the chance to engage in a whole range of
life enhancing activities."

Logging on

The project is funded through donations from church-goers and a
range of different bodies.

Greg Wallace, an IT consultant who will offer help and advice,
said he was "really looking forward" to getting things under way.

He will offer support tuition to all those interested in logging
on and searching the internet.

The LHM was established in 1907 to cater for the needs of the
then 15,000 single men and women living in Glasgow's lodging

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