[Hpn] unclescam

blue unclescam@buskers.org
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 22:37:22 -0400

so as not to irritate those of you who know me only as, Uncle Scam, and
are likely to get bent noses if i use another moniker/alias/nom de
plume. Here i will say that in the world of electronic messaging it is
sometimes impossible to keep the same handle. so if you check out my
favorite web site
you'll see that i've been forced from my squat into the arms of a sweet
lady in the wilds of New York, west of woodstock the beauty and the
trammeled waysides full of tourists and weird autists. love it but
unable to see much of it as i'm immobile and she's running a 56k line.
arghhhh!! so it's slow city. there's also the difficulty of dealing with
a provider with proprietary interests and low money in my pocket.
  Now here as I sit in the lap of beautifull fall foliage, comin atcha
with a new vigor.let us bring out a united front for the use of non
violent warfare. let us think our way out of a paper bag. Believe,
violence (even of thought) is the tool of the ignorant. looking out foot
raised to the day i can walk again. the toes are still dead, stretched
skin, taut. hell i've missed the whole blessed event. seen no bodies
strewn in the streets, just double somersaults from the 97th floor. i
gave him a 7.3 
  i got the carpenters ,workin on the rich guy's house next door to
salute my upside down american flag. i lost my job and my squat and i
thik i found a chapel to squat for awhile with my puppets.
lovyall scam