[Hpn] Fw: Homeless man beaten to death

Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 07:42:23 -0700

Bill and Nina,

Any ideas on how to educate the public, (and especially the adolescent aged
population) that the homeless are people too? I single out the adolescents only
because a number of hate crimes and murders have seemed to feature them as the
perpetrators. Also, in today's society, they pretty much have no rites of passage
left. Heck, in many places in the Santa Cruz area, it's even illegal for them
to skateboard- so what else is a teenager with energy to spare going to do but
seek out someone who is in a vulnerable position- someone whom society regards
as a socio-economic "undesirable". 

My apologies to all the bright, decent teenagers who want to make this world
a better place. I know there are many, many out there. Too often, it's the rotten
apples who stick out.

I wish we had the money to take out tv spots educating the public. But the trouble
is, when it comes down to it, I'd always rather any money went directly into
building us all affordable homes.

As for laws... there seem to be more laws criminalizing both poverty and homelessness
than there are laws protecting the poverty-stricken and/or homeless folk.

I do hope they catch the perpetrator/s of this foul crime and give him the maximum

Stop Hate Crimes & Murders of Homeless People!



>So would you say that the homeless and houseless are not protected by the
>police as much as a home owner,or housed person?
>From: "NINA COOKSEY" <ncooksey@yahoo.com>
>     What an awful thing to happen I wish that people
>would realize that homeless people are not free game.
>It is because the "LAW" does not do enough to catch
>and punish those who attack the homeless.
>--- wtinker <wtinker@metrocast.net> wrote:
>> Sept. 26, 2001.
>> Homeless man beaten to death
>> Battered corpse is found near St. Clair West subway
>> station
>> By Henry Stancu
>> Toronto Star Staff Reporter
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