[Hpn] Re: 76 year old homeless vet back on the street

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Sun, 23 Sep 2001 21:27:57 -0700

Marti Jones
Senator Smith's Office

Dear Marti, 
I know your office must be extremely busy with all that is going on. But
I am only trying to save one old man from dying on the street in downtown
You remember the story from this past July? Now, two months later another
chapter opens.
(For case history go to under-the-bridge@yahoogroups July archives via
link below)
 I just spoke to Allen today ( the 76 Yr old Vet) and he reports that he
signed himself out of the hospital against medical advise and went to the
shelter because he wants to have his surgery done privately and not at
the VA. I presume they never did the psychiatric evaluation that we asked
for in the Prayer and Complaint as he wants taken directly to hospital
back in July. It a long story and there are many witnesses.
 At the bus station you'll find  a crippled old man in a wheelchair who
is hard of hearing and incontinent. And If he keeps signing himself out
against medical advice to go to the street where he is unable to take
care of himself, then shouldn't someone be looking at that issue alone? 
He reports that New Horizons, Shelter and Kitchen is refusing him
services because they know he signed himself out AMA ( perhaps that is a
legal assistance issue but the first mistake was that the hospitals,
treatment center etc, are not allowed to release someone to homelessness.
Is the VA not obligated as the State is? or is it okay because he signed
himself out?) Then he also stated that they (New Horizons) don't want to
be bothered with his chair. 
So now we have the man, in shorts in his wheelchair, hard of hearing, no
access to food. Has pension coming in a week but when he gets it he gives
his money away thinking all people are honest and will bring him back
what he requests. For example he told me today he gave a woam $40 to
bring him a sandwich. She never reappeared. He thinks she might have been
in a car accident or somethin. He doesn't think maybe he is trusting the
wrong people.
 Again I ask when is it okay for  society to say that man has a right to
die in the street even if he is incapacitated? I understand all the
quality of life issues, but this is different at what point and how is a
guardian appointed?
We just don't care!!right, I mean after all he is ornery  and does tend
to drink in his depression, now talking about our new war and his

Do you think we should notify the State Coroner to be expecting him?
Do I have to file something else in District Court to get this man some

Cindy Carlson
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