[Hpn] No More Wars

wtinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 18:58:01 -0400

I had hoped that our government would take some of that 41 billion dollars
allocated towards terrorist destruction,and perhaps put it on Osama bin
Ladens head, as we got a $5 million dollar reward on FBI Most Wanted list.
Actually I really think that we must have probable cause to arrest  and
impliment war act,because remember we have incarcerated persons for 15 years
and DNA evidence cleared them of any murders.
I just hope that because our economy was going south that bin Laden is not
the scape goat,we all remember Ruby Ridge and our prosecuters have been
wrong before, I just would hate to see our world torn up on assumptions and
circumstantial evidence which can be manufactured to slant any ones reason.
This is why I have to say to our leaders and fellow terra firma residents to
demand that Osama bin Laden be given a fair trial and not just go in and
start killing innocent persons.
Why be reactive how about being a peace maker with out being a Bully?
I am just as angry about New York City being targeted and our countries
being in mass grieving process but to use a child psychology tactic and
strike back blindly is not the way to go....
Nuclear weapons should not be used or the threat either,haven't we as a
nation learned anything since 1945?
And we have bombed 22 countries since 1943 we could have many enemies we do
not know about so why make more?
This is my opinon,I am not a politician but I do not want to see us sucked
into a war that is not needed or right.
As a christian I can not fathom another war over something that smells just
a bit odd,especially since our economy was floundering,and a war would
create jobs but not with out loss of human life...
Please america step back look at the whole picture and take 20 deep breathes
and then make very sure war is what is needed,do not be made victim of mass
William Charles Tinker
25 Granite Street
Northfield, N.H. 03276 USA