[Hpn] a poem about the attacks in New York and Washington

Bonnie Briggs s248_1132@hotmail.com
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 22:58:21 +0000

Hi guys,
  Here's a poem I wrote about the events in New York. Hope it helps.

Crime Against Humanity

September 11/2001,
A day when great evil would be done.
For most in New York, a business day,
But it was not fated to end that way.
In New York, at the World Centre of Trade,
Where this huge disaster would be played.
A hijacked plane with terrorists aboard,
Slammed into the first tower at the 80th floor.
It tore a massive hole in the tower's side,
Inside, workers screamed and cried.
At the 50th floor, in about half an hour,
Another plane hit the second tower.
Everyone watched in disbelief,
They all cried in shock and grief.
While we were trying to comprehend all this,
We got news of yet another hit.
Another hijacked plane hit the Pentagon,
One whole section was completely gone.
Reporters were mobilized, cameras whirred,
As they broadcast the pictures all over the world.
President Bush was incensed, "It's an act of war,
Get those planes into the air.
Stop those terrorists, stop them now,
By any means you know how."
Commercial airliners were kept on the ground,
Those in the air were sent to our town.

We thought another plane had been shot down,
Then we found out we were wrong.
Terrorists tried to take over a jet,
But that was as far as they would get.
Heroic passengers tried to end the strife,
They saved America with their lives.
This plane was thought to be headed for the House painted White,
They were clearly looking for a fight.
Back in New York, a scene of fears,
As the city was bathed in tears.
>From the high windows, desperate people waved,
There was no hope that they would be saved.
They jumped to their deaths in the streets below,
What a horrible way to go.
In New York, as the Trade Centre burned,
Shock and disbelief had turned.
To horror as the towers fell,
The street resembled a scene from Hell.
Smoke, dust and fire spread throughout the city,
Destroying the Big Apple once thought pretty.
Air travel stopped, the border closed,
We've never seen measures such as those.
America under attack, not in this life,
Have we seen this kind of strife.
In Canada too, the effect was felt,
A very high level of security was held.
The stock exchange was closed, sports events stopped,
Time for North America suddenly stopped.
We were glued to our TV's for the whole day,
We hung on every word that the reporters would say.
Our memories are seared with these scenes,
Terrorists tried to bring America to its knees.

New York looks like a zone of war,
Rarely have we seen damage like that before.
This is being called the worst attack in history,
Who did it is a mystery.
But they have an idea of who it could be,
They think it could be an old enemy.
The States are so close, could it happen here?
The answer is one that we all fear.
So, let's keep up our watch and not let down our guard,
Let's stop the enemy from afar.
Canada is free this day,
Let's make sure it stays that way.


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