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Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
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I'm not the one to ask for removal from the HPN mailing list. I am not the listowner.
I am just a member on that list, so I cannot remove people from it. You have
to unsubscribe at the HPN mailing address. I know the HPN posting address is
as follows: hpn@lists.is.asu.edu

Sincerely, Harmony


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>Subject: Re: [Hpn] I am forwarding this but I think its a call to hear
>marching feet ,did any List owners on yahoo groups get this message?
>> Bill,
>> I too received a copy of this in one of the ever-increasing mass
>> >From my point of view, this particular email just helps to augment the
>> of fear/hysteria and falling into the manipulating hands of who knows
>> Personally I've disregarded it.
>> I guess that one thing we can all do is for each of us to follow his or
>> own intuition. Maybe deeply soul search.  Except....when we consider our

>> brothers and sisters still out there on the street....it seems priorities

>> all warped. What would've happened if all our respective nations had put

>> and resources into seeing that all its citizens had homes, education, and

>> nutrition instead of the arms-race?
>> I'm left with a lot of questions. I don't condone the terrorism. And I
>> all possible measures taken to negotiate a peaceful solution. I've signed

>> online petitions to that effect.
>> Hoping we can wade thru this and see affordable housing and a universal
>> wage,
>> Harmony
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