[Hpn] We have found the terrorists and THEY ARE US!

Joan Joan" <jndefender@home.com
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 02:52:35 -0700

Please forgive any crosspostings!
    Those fanatics (4 teams of 3-5 suicidal men) that destroyed the
World Trade Center,  were able to penetrate our airport security on the
same morning at three different airports. They were able to carry razor
blades in rug cutters in each of 4 different boarding areas. They were
expertly trained to be skilled pilots of sophisticated commercial
airplanes (not military planes) by schools in Florida, right here in our
country! The gasoline that exploded was our gasoline.

  All of them were retaliating against us with such  intense hatred that
they were willing to die to give us a taste of what we do to other
countries all the time.

  Our $30 billion CIA had not a clue!!

   If Osama bin Laden was their leader (which is not proven)..who
trained him to be a terrorist?? Our CIA!! 15 years ago he was their head
operative. He knows us. We don't know him. He lives in a tent in the
desert in an impoverished country. Are we  really going to destroy
what's left of this hapless land?

     Bush's CIA trained and paid Manuel Noreiga and then hunted him
down, demonizing him for being a "terrorist" while we killed innocent
people; Sadam Hussein was our huge buddy and we armed him to the hilt
until we decided to demonize him and we've been bombing the innocent
people in Iraq every day for the last 10 years. How many innocent
Yugoslavians  did we kill?? We blamed the bombing of PAN AM 103 on Omar
Kadafi and bombed Libya and killed the guy's little daughter. We've
armed Israel so completely that they are the 3rd most armed country in
the world, while the Palestinians (whose land they occupy) have rocks
and suicide bombers.

      We are the head terrorists on earth! Many people have cried out in
terror because of things we have done! We paid, trained and armed
terrorists in Nicaragua during Reagan/Bush. Also we invaded Panama and
Grenada, killing innocent people and traded arms for hostages in Iran.
We overthrew democratically elected governments in Chile, Iran,
Nicaragua, the Philippines etc. Any of the children who grew up in any
one of those countries would
certainly want revenge toward us!!

     These WTC terrorists were probably from the "middle east" and so
some of our own fanatics are shooting and bombing Muslim Mosques all
over this Country. Just like when we put the Japanese Americans in
concentration camps after Pearl Harbor. Are we still there?? The
Unabomber (Ted Kaczynski) was Polish...do we shoot and bomb Polish
People?? No! Timothy McVeigh was of Irish ethnicity. Do we bomb and kill
Irish people? No!! Why?? Because they look like "us". Since most of the
earth does not look like us, perhaps we should have attended the
Conference on Racism last week!!

     In just 8 months this unelected President has seen to it that the
whole world is back to hating us again. Clinton, at least tried to help
make  peace in The Holy Land and Ireland. Now, even they, are fighting

    This is the first time that we have had to endure the horrendous
fright, and anger that other countries have endured for a long, long
time at our hands. Our chickens are coming home to roost and until we
learn that billions and billions of nuclear weapons, soldiers and star
wars stuff  will never stop a fanatic that wants to take our own planes,
trained by our own schools, after going through our own inept airport
security from killing us in any way they wish....then we will be just as
unsecure as the  rest of the world. Stopping an "enemy" entails making
him a friend!! Facing the many terrors we have committed, is a  start!
Retaliation and revenge begets retaliation, which begets retaliation,
which begets retaliation, which begets retaliation and on and on until
we finally either learn to grow up enough to live peacefully together on
this beautiful small planet or we will finally destroy ourselves forever
trying to prove who has the biggest...........!