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 More of the type of silliness that manages to piss me off ( appy-polly-logies for the language my drogies) Maybe I'm just in the wrong business y'know somehow it seems so surrational. Like a bad joke with the "means to make some money at it". What no list of can and bottle recyclers in Amsterdam, goddamn!
 Is it just me? 
     Zen hugs, Jos
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   Source:  Newsweek International, Sept 10, 2001 p6.
    Title:  Holiday Bargains?(homeless tourism)(Brief Article)
 Subjects:  Vacations - Social aspects
            Homelessness - Social aspects
Locations:  Europe
Electronic Collection:  A77878410
                   RN:  A77878410

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When planning your next holiday, consider spending four homeless nights in one
of your favorite European capitals. The Dutch company Kamstra Travel offers
the chance to live like a vagrant on the streets of London, Paris, Brussels,
Prague or Amsterdam--for $430. You get cardboard boxes and some bare
necessities--either a sketchpad and pencil or a musical instrument--with which
to earn some survival money. Then you're on your own. Tour mastermind Bart
Janssens thinks it's the ideal team-building holiday for businesses. But
homeless groups are outraged. It's "sickening," protests one London
organization. PERI agrees. It's pretty stupid, too. Who would pay to live on
the streets when you can do it free of charge?
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