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I note that several federally funded facilities do not have "handicapped
accessible" features or access altogether. What is being done about this
egregious violation of the ADA and Section 504?


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

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> What follows is the monthly minutes of the NH Coalition to End
> Homelessness. You may forward them to other people who may be
> in the content.
> Bill and I have probably burned all our bridges to get this in plain
> with this group.
> Tom C
> From: William  Tinker <wtinker@metrocast.net>
> To: New Hampshire Homeless <NewHampshireHomeless@topica.com>
>  PO BOX 688, MANCHESTER, NH 03105
>  Present:  Mary Sliney-The Way Home, Fred Robinson-New Horizons, Cindy
> Wright-New Start, Andrea Donato-Strafford Guidance, Jodie Wright-State,
> Lisabritt Kenefick-DFS, Terry Smith-Food Stamps, Joseph Haas-VOCALS,
> Helen
> Cohen-Crossroads, Ruth Ford-New Generations, Tom Cagle-ADAPT, William
> Tinker-NH Homeless, Matt Bouchie-Manchester MH, Scott Slattery-Nashua
> Soup
> Kitchen & Shelter, Keith Bates-Portsmouth Welfare, Kimm Phillips-NHHFA,
> Tony
> Epaphras-SNHS, Mary Moriarty-St. John Neuman, Pam Koval, Ruthanne
> Oczykowski-SNHS, Patrick Carney-SNHS, Pauline Lacroix-Friends Emergency
> Housing, JoAnn Maynard-State, Sarah Kelly-Intern, Cindy
> Pastoral Care, Bob Olcott-Headrest, Susan Mead-Community Council of
> Nashua,
> and Michelle French-Labrecque-McKenna House.
>  Introductions & information sharing
> Mary Sliney discussed the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund, all
> should sign on.  There will be money to develop housing; the board of
> coalition has signed on.  Information is attached to these notes.
> Terry Smith of the Food Stamp program has developed a definition of
> homelessness, see him for more information.
> Joe Haas discussed articles in the Boston Globe
> Kimm Phillips of NHHFA has applied for $1 million dollars for folks
> have rental vouchers to find housing and keep it - for more info she is
> at
> extension 230.
> Bob Olcott mentioned that the National Coalition is looking for a board
> member from NH.  Marianne Feliciano has nominated Louis Craig, Joie
> Finley
> has nominated Jodie Wright and Bill Tinker has nominated Bob Olcott.
> Board Report  given by Keith Bates:  Jeff Michelsen will replace
> Sherman as the Vice President and Chair of the Education & Training
> Committee.  We will be looking to hire a Coalition Coordinator at some
> point
> in the near future.  The Legislative Committee will now be part of the
> Education & Training Committee.  The notes from the membership meetings
> will
> now be called "Record of the Proceedings".
> Mary Moriarty suggested inviting legislators to this meeting.  Their
> names
> will be added to the mailing list.
> At this point the membership split up into two groups/committees:  The
> Education & Training Committee and the Membership Committee
> Membership Committee - We worked on coming up with a list of
> organizations, businesses, etc; that should be invited to our meetings.
> Groups that are serving the homeless like: NH Property Owners Assoc.,
> Interfaith Councils, NH Charitable Foundation, NH Council of Churches,
> Chamber of Commerce, Children's Alliance, Women's Lobby, NH Assoc. of
> Elderly, SALT, Terri Knowles at the AG's office and Granite State
> Independent Living.  We decided that it was not a good idea for the
> membership meeting to be held at different shelters as it would invade
> the
> privacy of the residents, there probably was not enough space and most
> the shelters are not handicapped accessible.  Groups of 5 or so members
> may
> visit the shelters to hang up posters, hand out brochures, and invite
> residents personally.  Also, ask them to fill out a simple survey. 
> will hopefully build trust.
> Education & Training Committee - They will be finding someone to
> a
> logo.  They will be developing fact sheets and public relations sheets
> for
> members to use - homeless statistics will be included.
> Lance from the Homeless & Housing office gave an update: the RFP for
> McKinney and PATH funds will be available at the conference.  The
> Discharge
> Planning committee has started meeting to work out a plan for HUD
> facilities to not discharge folks into homelessness.  A task force has
> been
> established to work on the issue of opening state armories during the
> winter
> months as temporary shelters.  The annual Homeless Providers Conference
> is
> coming up on 8/29-8/31.  Registration deadline is today.  The state
> be
> starting to conduct inspections/evaluations of shelters.
> Next meeting is Friday, 9/7/01 at 9:30am
> Meeting adjourned at 11:05am.
>  Respectfully submitted,
>  Michelle French-Labrecque
> Secretary

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