[Hpn] power vs peace

Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
Sun, 16 Sep 2001 05:47:52 -0700

I too am concerned about the war fervor. The following is just my opinion- I
guess I am concerned about getting to the heart of, and the causes of, terrorism
and violence:

Concerning the tragedy of September 11th:

What I write now is from the perspective of an American living abroad. It is
also the perspective of someone who has been homeless in the US due to a combination
of low wages, (no health benefits), high rents (and lack of affordable housing),
and an accident/injury on the job. In some ways I feel both an economic and
social refugee from my own country which I love. Make no mistake- I do love
my country. I love the land, and the people in it. And I weep along with the
rest of my countrymen for the events of September 11th. 

To this love of my country I add the love of my world and all of its inhabitants-
human and otherwise. It is clearer than ever that we all share the same earth
and need to live in harmony with one another.


It is the "beaurocracy/political system/economic system/red tape anti-human
********/" and current use of the old concepts of power and wealth which are
no longer working. And the old system is in place all over the world.

This "old" system sees itself as all-powerful and in no way needing to listen
to how it is for others who are either in the lowest place in the system or
else outside it entirely. The way the "old" system views power is that power
is limited. There is only so much of it to go around, and that by golly, it
had better grab all that it can while the grabbing is good. In this "old" system
of power, there is no real "listening" to other points of view (they are seen
as too "threatening"). The "old" system does not know about the Circle of Life,
which contains all people, times, places, religions, life forms- everything
that was, is, and shall be. 

So in the "old" system, the only communication that takes place is a one-way
sort of deal; "we will issue directives and you will hear and obey".
The fact that most Peace talks have broken down time and time again has much
to do with the influence of this old view of power getting in the way of people
truly listening to one another. The Old System feeds on Fear, and the Hatred
that covers that Fear.

And when people realize that all reasonable avenues of communication are shut
off because they will be summarily dismissed in advance, what else is then left?
When people are excluded from meetings which will affect them personally, what
recourses are then available to them? When conditions of race, sex, religion
and/or social or economic standing are met with either patronization, censorship,
prejudice and exclusion how then shall people appeal to the human in all of

If these questions are seen as a prelude to condoning terrorism, then please
think again. Terrorism cannot be condoned. Terrorism is not the answer. Violence
and hatred in any form have never solved or healed anything. As the Buddha said,
"Hatred does not cease with Hatred; Hatred only ceases with Love".

Instead, I ask these hard and uneasy questions to point out their underlying
need for a true, peaceful way of communicating; a way of truly listening to
someone and working out viable solutions so that every single person on earth
can feel empowered to live his or her life to the very fullest. A peaceful communication
that takes place within a "Win/Win" environment.

When people feel truly "heard", there is no need for them to act in frustration
or pent-up rage. When people feel empowered, both individually and as a society
or a nation, there is no need for them to cast blame, make others wrong, or
act aggressively. Families can get along more peacefully. Husbands and wives
can actually gain in discussing differences of opinion.

Christian, Jew, Moslem, Hindu, atheist, communist, socialist and capitalist
may actually reach the astonishing point of viewing one another as human beings
all worthy of respect.

Einstein said something to this effect; that we cannot solve problems at the
same level on which they were created. The very nature of "The Solution" involves
a leap of consciousness. In the spirit of his thinking, I suggest that what
appears to be the "problem" of terrorism is, in reality, a greater "solution"
waiting to emerge- a solution which involves, among other things, learning how
to peacefully communicate and listen to one another in mutual respect and equality.

If we all learn how to active-listen one another (it costs nothing) and use
win/win communication in our lives, then both terrorism and War itself may disappear
from the face of this earth. 

Never should anyone lose their life because of violence. In any country, in
any land.

Harmony Kieding


"To You who are so afraid of losing your power..
I say You never had it to begin with.
You hold on to an illusion of Power.
To You who have never discovered your Power
I say you have had it all along.
It comes from the Source of All Things
And it is endless." - H.Kieding, "Raymond Street"

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