[Hpn] 11 September

wtinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 21:05:57 -0400

I share this letter with the world!
From: "missdruk" <missdruk@soneramail.nl>
To: "wtinker" <wtinker@metrocast.net>
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001

 Dear Bill,
Finally a sign of life from me again. How are you?I hope you're all right
that none of your friends where at the places that where attaqued this week.
The whole world is shocked and afraid since the attaque on your country.If
the moslims really start a world wide Jihad, what can we do? The last few
years I said that it seemed that the moslims where taking over our country.I
was half joking then.In our cities about a third of the population is
moslim.We have welcomed them for 40 years.We have given them education, we
have sent their children to school, so they could have jobs of equal
importance.We used the money of our taxes to build "moskeeŽn"  for them,
because we have freedom of religion.We have respected their culture, their
way of living, their religion. If there really comes a Jihad it's so easy to
take over the world.They already have intruded every inch of our democratic
society.They have access to important things, because we allowed them to be
just as important in the society as the people who lived here first.Ofcourse
not every moslim agrees with the actions of Osama bin Laden.But at the
school of the daughter of a friend of mine a little boy shouted in the
classroom that they where celebrating that the americans where killed.The
school has sent the boy home for a week.(Which was not a wise decision of
that school.)
It's so hard now to behave normally to the "normal" moslims.Consider this:
most of the young criminals are second generation moslims.I know that
youngsters from Marrokko are sent to Holland to sell drugs here.(I have
known some of them and they explained me how it works.)Dutch girls are nice
to use and maybe crazy enough to make mony for them, but for marriage they
buy a 18 year old virgin for Fl. 1000 (wich is about 600 dollar).
These extremistic people that started a war in your country last week
created a world wide fear.No more faith.We do n't dare to trust our
neighbours anymore.
All because of some stupid people who misunderstand their holy books.
I haven't read the Koran, but I have learned that both the christian Bible
and the Koran are based on the old jewish books.What the prophet Mohammed
did was rewriting the jewish books.So it's the same God.
I wish I could write mister Bin Laden a lettre  to tell him that the God he
calls Allah also must be a God of love.In the past this God has shown to be
quite capable to take decisions when the humans misbehave (remember
Sodom&Gomorra, the Ark of Noach).It's not up to us humans to "clean" the
world.Whatever God we pray to , He doesn't want us to hate and destroy each
other and certainly not in His name.