[Hpn] concerning off sub by Lucy

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 16:54:49 1

I understand your concerns however when all the dust has settled you will find the perps in this did not sneak into this country. They came in with through customs passing all INS checks because of fake IDs from overseas. Indeed they have probably been here between 2 to 5 years. Of course tighter checks might have turned them up but those jobs were cut in the Reagan years. Also any check we do will only be as good as the info on the other end. this is why witness protection works here in the states - a fake past that will pass most scrutiny is established. Besides just write to Loompanics, they have lotsa books and stuff on establishing working fake IDs.
Unfortunately, tightened security does not necessarily ensure safety. Though truth is El  Al has never been hi-jacked. We did away with the air marshal plan, Though what would be sensible - ten or so armed guards hidden among every passenger deck? 
What do we do when they decide to hi-jack a Grey Hound? Or a corporate jet? Though I approve of making sure no weapons are brought aboard the cabin people have been killing each other with bare hands and teeth for millenia.
We are a clever species with one hell of a nasty streak at times.
My worry isn't as much about all the war talk as the consequences. Bin Laden is not the only one out there. If all we do is take him out then others will only consider it as an opportunity for advancement. And if we do a scorched earth as some say (in anger) then we only breed the next generation of these killer wasps that have crawled into our bed.
Remember we supplied the Taliban against the Russian presence in Afghanistan - and against the other rebels. And Bin Laden is one of those "grateful" Saudis who resented use being in Saudi Arabia and the mid-east helping them against Iraq  ( where we used to help Hussein).
Maybe as a country we keep choosing the wrong friends, hanging out on the corner with hoods who are only going to get us in trouble. Hell think of all the trouble we'd have avoided by not helping the Shah into power in Iran. The present gov't wouldn't exist there if not for us!
Shall we go into Pinochett? Personally I wonder what poison is bubbling just below the surface in the Americas that may someday bite us in the ass while we wonder what rhat was all about.
Like what if our bastards decide to show up the foreigners and stage another Oklahoma City? That is a situ where I keep wondering if there is another shoe to fall. A couple of bright idiots can raise a lot of hell, what if they really get organized? One of the reasons the NSA and CIA missed the hi-jackings has to do with that these cats never discuss EVERYTHING on the cell phones,obviously.
They figure they have moles and we may be listening - their use of encryption tells me that. But all encryption has a key so the best security to them is small dedicated groups who keep their mouths shut.
In the end the only security is in working on the problems that allow these son of a bitches to rise to "power". Should be easy, no?
Course now that I've solved this problem let me work out my personality problems to four decimal places.
   Zen hugs, Joe