[Hpn] MEDIA ADVISORY -- Coalition on Homelessness Art Auction Benefit

Coalition on Homelessness, SF coh@sf-homeless-coalition.org
Fri, 07 Sep 2001 15:26:02 -0700



Prior to event
    Paul Boden / Tim Hackett: 415 / 346.3740
    Coalition on Homelessness, SF www.sf-homeless-coalition.org

Contributing Artists:
    Eric Drooker ‹ 510 / 843.1503 / www.drooker.com
    Lawrence Ferlinghetti ‹ 415 / 362.1901 / www.citylights.com
    Art Hazelwood ‹ 415 / 387.5843 / www.arthazelwood.com
    Christine Hanlon ‹ 415 / 227.4437
    Samantha Files / Rick Darnell ‹ 415 / 749.2132
    (Central City Hospitality House Arts Program)

At event:
    Paul Boden / Art Hazelwood / Ed Gould / Christine Hanlon

[SAN FRANCISCO] The Coalition on Homelessness is holding its second art
auction on September 13, 2001, 5:30 pm at SomArts Gallery ‹ 934 Brannan
Street, San Francisco. This year¹s auction features work donated by over 100
artists of diverse styles and backgrounds.

Veteran benefit auctioneer Mr. Ron Bunn of the Academy of Art College will
return as the event¹s host, and the art collection for auction and closed
bid was selected by a group of local artists who have supported the work of
the Coalition for many years.

Featured artists such as Eric Drooker, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Art Hazelwood,
Christine Hanlon, Dorothea Lange and Bruce Connor will be featured, as well
as lesser known but equally talented homeless, poor and working artists from
throughout the Bay Area.

"The incredible talent of all these local artists and their willingness,
rich or poor, to contribute their talent to the fight for social justice
makes this event more than just another fundraiser. It is a celebration of
our diversity and our commitment," remarked Coalition Director Paul Boden.

Founded in 1987, the Coalition on Homelessness, San Francisco has
steadfastly maintained an advocacy and organizing campaign for homeless
people in San Francisco. Organized by and for homeless people with no
government or direct­service charity funding, COH has existed for the past
14 years from fundraisers such as this, foundations and individual

The Coalition on Homelessness, SF consists of the following projects:

€ Civil Rights Project works to defend the civil and human rights of people
who are homeless by linking street outreach with organizing, advocacy and
legal strategies.

€ Family Rights and Dignity (FRD) seeks to reshape institutions and policies
relevant to poor families.

€ Hogares Sin Barreras (Housing Not Borders) works to promote and protect
the human and civil rights of homeless and immigrant Latinos.

€ SHOUT (shelter outreach project) visits shelters serving homeless
individuals on a weekly basis to provide information on pertinent COH
activities and available resources, as well as forums to influence changes
that affect their lives.

€ STREET SHEET is a monthly newspaper written primarily by homeless and
formerly homeless people. With a monthly distribution of 36,000, the
publication functions as the Coalition¹s primary public education tool,
bringing homeless issues and COH work to the forefront of public
discussions. Most readers buy the paper from homeless vendors, who keep 100%
of the proceeds.

€ Substance Abuse/Mental Health workgroup (SAMH) works to preserve and
improve existing treatment facilities and programs, as well as expand these
desperately needed programs, creating city-wide access.

€ RIGHT 2 A ROOF (housing workgroup) works on creation and preservation of
low-income housing, establishing alternative housing in the City¹s overall
housing strategy, and creating public awareness of federal housing programs
and budget cuts and how they affect the housing crisis in San Francisco.

The Coalition has played a lead role in the development of many programs,
policies and projects that create permanent solutions to homelessness,

€ Community Housing Partnership (CHP)
€ Olshun
€ Homeworc
€ National Homeless Civil Rights Organizing Project (NHCROP)
€ California Homeless Civil Rights Organizing Project

COH also brings the voice of homeless and poor to a variety of forums and
boards, including:

€ National Coalition for the Homeless
€ North American Street Newspaper Association
€ Local Homeless Coordinating Board
€ Treatment on Demand Planning Council
€ International Network of Street Papers


The Coalition on Homelessness, San Francisco (COH) was organized in 1987 to
garner the active participation of poor people on both the design and
critique of public policy and non-profit services that result in permanent
solutions to poverty. It is a unique organization in that the driving force
is low-income and homeless people, working in every aspect of the
organization, from the volunteers to the staff and leadership body.

Coalition on Homelessness, San Francisco
468 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA  94102
415/346.3740-voice € 415/7755639-fax