[Hpn] Your civil rights reporting form Att: Michael Stoops

Thomas Cagle nh-adapt@juno.com
Sat, 08 Sep 2001 11:22:51 -0400

Good morning Michael Stoops or his equivalent.

I need to make a very great imposition on you. In order to apreaciate
what the result of of that imposition will be I would like you to go to
http://www.disability-rights.org/ FIRST.

What I want is either the non-priviledged information of the civil rights
forms filled in New Hampshire. Or, the link to the page where you are
presently doing as the disability-rights.org page does.

I mean to post the non-priviledged data i.e. location, date, time, injury
and or loss, a description of the incident, and any resolution.

The name, and contact information, does not need to be included or given
to me. All of that is in my estimation priviledged information you are as
well suited to be the repository of as any suit, DHHS, or OCR.

The short of this is nobody is going to do nothing till there is a
publicly accessible record of the body count. I mean for NH's body count
to be out ion the open where no suit can hide it. I don't mean to
directly disparage Lance LaPlant but in my estimation he does not
understand the requirement that 504 ADA place upon his and every other
branch department and office of state federal and municipal government.
This is public information and I will settle for nothing less than full
and simple access for any person who wants the non-priviledged portions
of public record. This IS a public record issue.

OK enough growling. Do you have this form in plain text? If not may I
transcribe it to plain text? Please do NOT send plain text forms as

Thank you for your time.

Tom Cagle
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