[Hpn] Fraudulent powers given to the NH Supreme Court.

Diantha Schierloh doreme@monad.net
Mon, 03 Sep 2001 17:04:15 -0400

I invite you all to read a summary
(which includes a bit of history)
regarding the fraudulently obtained
Part 2, Amendment 73A of the NH Constitution.

i.e.: Article 73A - The fraud unveiled:
N.H. Supreme court's "Erroneous" Powers:
Article 73-A N.H. Constitution. Part  2, At:

And the history which led up to it's insertion:
At: http://www.We-Caire-NH.org/unveiled.html

As a result of the fraudulent powers given to the
NH Supreme Court and as as a result of the
fraudulent printing of this amendment, I believe the state
of New Hampshire to be without a legitimate system of

Until this issue is resolved, it is my intention to spread
the news of this fraud among the people of
New Hampshire at every opportunity.

Diantha Schierloh