[Hpn] Re: [FNB-L] RE: CYBER SCHOOLS for homeless children

FRA57@aol.com FRA57@aol.com
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 11:47:46 EST


I agree cyber education can't replace a real one, with the security of an 
actual role model that is a teacher. Having worked in DC public schools the 
last three years, I can see the positive affect a dedicated teacher can have. 
The classroom becomes a place of safety, away from what might be an otherwise 
disturbing life. This, of course, occaisonally leads to rowdiness. :-) 

Still, it is better than nothing. The danger I see is it is people trying to 
put a bandaid solution to a problem and then turn away. As long as it is kept 
temporary, it would be ok. In fact, some kids are better learners when doing 
things on their own instead of in a classroom. If there is some flesh and 
blood figure that represents a teacher doing things with them, I think it 
could work. This is something that I hope is not being overlooked. Even kids 
one does not know are happy to see a teacher or tutor return to the school, 
as it gives the sense that someone who cares for them continually comes back. 
One of the most startling experiences I saw was when a classroom aid came 
back for her second day, and one boy jumped out of his seat and hugged her, 
so suprised that she had come back.