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From:           	National Low Income Housing Coalition
Subject:        	Last Chance Advocacy on S+C/McKinney Budget
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National Low Income Housing Coalition CALL TO ACTION

Protect Shelter Plus Care Renewal Funds:
Tell VA-HUD Bill Conferees to fully fund the S+C Renewal Account

The VA-HUD appropriations bill is now scheduled for conference on
Wednesday, Oct 31, so this is our last chance to weigh in!  One of
the points of contention between the House and Senate is funding
for the Shelter Plus Care Renewal Account.  The (preferred) Senate
bill (S 1216) funds the account at $99.7 million, as requested by
the Administration, and as needed by our programs. The House bill
(HR 2620) does not fund the renewal account.

Failure to support Senate language and funding would force Shelter
Plus Care back to the 5 year renewal cycle, thereby denying
renewal funding for $500 million worth of McKinney transitional
housing and supportive services projects that serve tens of
thousands of homeless persons.

In Cambridge MA, the $1million 5-year renewal cost of two expiring
S+C grants would destabilize the funding and spell the possible
end of 10 transitional housing and supportive services projects that
serve up to 700 homeless persons each year.

NLIHC suggests that members to call the VA-HUD Bill Conferees
(listed below) and all other legislators to ask them to provide $99.7
million for expiring Shelter Plus Care renewals, preferably through
the Housing Certificate Fund.

 * Ask Senators Kerry (617-565-8519) and Kennedy (617-565-3170)
to call Sen. Barbara Mikulski staffer Paul Carliner at 202-224-7231.
Call him yourself.

 * Ask Congressman Capuano (617-621-6208) to call Rep. Alan
Mollohan staffer Gavin Clingham at 202/225-4172.  Call him

For more information, contact Kim Schaffer, National Low Income
Housing Coalition, 202-662-1530 x223.  Please pass this to
anyone you think might be interested.

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