[Hpn] Homeless Message Boards

HOBOMATT@aol.com HOBOMATT@aol.com
Sun, 28 Oct 2001 11:50:25 -0500 (EST)

<< New Hampshire Coalition To End Homelessness has a dire need of a homeless 
message board up and on line and running such as this on a national basis 
because people whom are with out shelter do keep moving to stay alive. >>

I agree totally, Mr. Tinker! Here in Colorado Springs, we are setting up a 
"homeless website, focusing on local information and issues. It just went 
"live" this last Friday so it's still abuildin'. We definitely want to 
include a list of local agencies who offer services of use to homeless folks.
Attached to this site is an email "homeless discussion list", again, specific 
to Colorado Springs information and issues. Every town of any size ought to 
have this sort of this.
The website: "Avenues of Escape" is at: www.homelesscs.org
directions on joining the discussion are posted there.
Matt Parkhouse,RN;
Colorado Springs, CO