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Hi all-

I haven't posted for a while here. Today in my email, I received this from another
list. It's a long article, so I will have to just "clip" from it, and post the
link to it so that anyone interested can read the whole thing in its entirety.
I'd appreciate feedback about this article because it has me worried that, if
this is true, this could impact (even more) the civil rights of homeless people.

I am filled with questions:

1)Do you feel this article is overly paranoid/off the deep end?
2)Not paranoid enough? Judging by what we've seen in Santa Cruz alone, this
makes me nervous...
3)Even if only a small part of this true, shouldn't this be an alarm signal?
>> "It is seldom that any liberty is lost all at once."
~ David Hume
4)What actions can be taken?


"Citizen, Can I See Your ID"

by Al Martin

"Citizen, Can I See Your ID." 

What has not been explained to the American people is the reason why 35,000
Army Reservists and 65,000 National Guard have been called up. It is to maintain
internal checkpoints. It has nothing to do with the external "War on Terrorism."
All of these people are being trained at the US Army School of Urban Control
at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. CNN actually showed an urban training mock-up, what
they're training on, and what the new Internal Security checkpoint is going
to look like. It was mighty sinister looking.

      There was a barrier that went across the road. To the right was an elevated
shed like structure, elevated perhaps fifteen feet in the air. It had a small
second story that was open. On it was a sign that read "Homeland Security Internal
Checkpoint." There were sandbags and the wooden arm that crossed the road read
"100% ID Checked." Then there was a small shed to the right with a small barbed
wire area behind that. On this structure was a sign, which read, "All citizens
not having proper identification will be detained. All foreign nationals will
be detained. All citizens who are deemed to be acting in a suspicious manner
will be detained." At each of these posts there will be six armed Army or National
Guard reservists with M-16's with full field kit. On top of the structure to
the rear, the open structure on top, there's a man with a machine gun emplacement.

      They showed the actual mockup used for training purposes. They had new
uniforms. They weren't in their regular uniforms. It's a new gray uniform with
a gray helmet and a visor so you can't see their eyes. The only thing you can
see is from their lips down because they said that's "to prevent any retribution"
from people who don't like this new idea.

      This uniform looked exactly like the Imperial Storm Troopers from "Star
Wars" except instead of white, it was gray. All the helmets have little transceivers
so they can communicate with each other. There will be six guards at each internal
security checkpoint. And there's another warning on the inside of the barbed
wire enclosure, "Any detainees attempting to escape will be shot." It was a
yellow and red sign inside the detainment area.

      The only person who actually spoke on camera during this story was a sergeant,
an Army Reservist sergeant. You could tell that he completely disagreed with
what was going on. You couldn't hear the question being asked, but he was looking
at the camera and he said, "We're here to protect the people." Then he put his
head down and shook his head, and you could tell he didn't believe a word of
what he was saying -- like it was some big frigging joke.

      Then they showed the procedure they were using to train these guys. An
average American car, like a Ford or a Chevy, drives up and there's supposed
to be a husband and wife in the front seat and a couple of kiddies in the back.
So they drive up to the checkpoint, and the corporal comes up to the car and
says, "May I see your identification, citizen."

      They call everyone "citizen." I swear to God, I'm not making this up.
Then the guy asks for his driver's license, then something else and something
else. Then he says, "Very good, citizen."

      There's a spot on the gate that goes across the road that they had x-ed
out. But you could tell what it said because the sergeant alluded to it. It
said, "All citizens are required to present their National Identification Cards."
But they left it blank as a black spray-painted out spot because the legislation
for that hasn't happened yet.

      The big sign on the side of the one and half story shed with the machine
gun nest on top said "Homeland Security Internal Checkpoint." And now we're
all supposed to say, "Hail the Republic." That's the new mantra. They showed
a bunch of guys being trained at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, probably enlisted
and reservists and such. And they kept raising up their right arm saying, "Hail
the Republic."

      The sergeant even said that they are duplicating the ancient Roman Legions
salute to Caesar, using the right arm upraised with the fist. Instead of "Hail
Caesar," though they say, "Hail the Republic."

      This is what's coming. People don't believe it or people don't understand
it but when 80% of the people support whatever "security" measures are necessary.

      What does it all mean? We all better start worrying when George Bush starts
to play the fiddle.

      Congress is supposed to be recessed for the rest of the year, but they
will be giving the Administration extraordinary wartime authority -- pursuant
to all remaining legislation. In other words, they will simply allow the Administration
to act under pending statutes. They are simply going to transfer to the Administration
emergency wartime power to act under bills, which are still pending, even though
they haven't been passed.

      The implication is that we will be under a defacto state of martial law
soon. There are 100,000 military being trained for these internal security checkpoints.

      When they were showing the lines of enlisted and reserve people being
trained in this camp, with M-16s in their hands, I can tell you I don't think
any of them would hesitate to shoot at American citizens. I think they're being
indoctrinated. The indoctrination they're going through is obvious. The enlisted
people are being told by the drill sergeant that they are being given extraordinary
authority that "your job is to protect the security of the State at all costs."

      There is a direct parallel between the old Soviet Union and the East Bloc
and what we are doing. We are establishing internal travel restrictions on the
American people. We are essentially following the Soviet textbook. In the Soviet
Communist Bloc, for example, there were checkpoints in every city. You had to
have what's called an "internal travel visa." You had to have that visa stamped
at every checkpoint in every city. Then they checked you out at every entrance
to every city. Then if you checked out, they would affix a visa stamp and charge
you ten marks for it. It was a real racket.

      What will be interesting to see is what kind of a racket is going to go
along with these internal security check points. In other words, how much of
a "toll" are they going to charge? They're going to have to do something to
pay for all of this and one of the obvious ways to pay for it would be to charge
everyone a one or two dollar "toll."

      And this is what we should be looking forward to - toll booths around
the nation. They're not saying this yet, but obviously in an effort to pay for
this, there's going to be some sort of a "security tax." Since this system is
incredibly cumbersome (having to stop every single vehicle and check identification)
and we've been taught to be suspicious of driver's licenses because it's so
easy to obtain false driver's licenses, the implication is that national security
cards are the only thing that will eventually be accepted as identification.
The further implication is that in order to accommodate traffic (this will create
traffic jams miles and miles long), there would be a separate line for those
carrying pre-approved internal visas whose allegiance to the government has
already been checked.

      The sergeant on the news report said that all the people involved (100,000
military people) are being forced to swear new loyalty oaths to the United States.
He just mentioned the government's overall policy, which Bush talked about last
week, that all federal civilian employees are going to have to take new oaths
of allegiance to the "Republic." And that extends to some members of the military
who will be involved in internal security.

      Surprisingly enough all these border checks, you would think, would be
handled directly by the military - or under the auspices of the military. They're
not. They're under the auspices of "Homeland Security." What it means is that
you have 100,000 troops (reservists and national guards people) based in the
United States, which will be seconded to the Office of Homeland Security. Their
ultimate jurisdiction is being transferred from the Department of Defense to
the Office of Homeland Security.

      In other words, the Office of Homeland Security is gaining a militarized
division of 100,000 troops.

      It's finally getting some of the liberals nervous. But it's coming. Day
after day, they're showing polls that seventy to eighty percent of the American
people are prepared to approve whatever security measures are "necessary" to
"fight terrorism."

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