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Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 17:34:02 -0400
From: irina ceric <irina@tao.ca>
Subject: Common Front Legal Update - Oct. 22nd

As of Monday, October 22nd, only one person arrested after the awesomely 
successful 'shut
down bay street' action on October 16th remains in police custody. A 
Montreal comrade
charged with several criminal offences will appear in bail court at Old 
City Hall Court, room 101,
on Tuesday, October 23rd. Bail court starts at 10am and goes all day. 
Although the Crown
Prosecutor will likely seek to deny him bail, a volunteer lawyer with the 
Common Front Legal
Committee will argue that he should be released, most likely with a surety.

Two other arrestees were released on Friday the 19th after their sureties 
arrived from
Quebec. Other folks slowly trickled out of police custody late Wednesday 
and Thursday as
those ordered released in bail court on Wednesday the 17th and their 
sureties were slowly
(in some case very slowly) processed.

In total, the Common Front Legal Committee is working with 23 people who 
face charges
following last Tuesday's actions. Another 21 were arrested and detained on 
Tuesday under the
'breach on peace' provisions of the Criminal Code - they do not face 
charges, although they
can still cherish the fond memories of unlawful searches and mistreatment 
while in custody.

For more information, to offer support or to donate money for legal 
defence, please e-mail
the Common Front Legal Committee at commonfront-legal@tao.ca.

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