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what a surprise.folks takin advantage of the fbi's laxity. are they so
busy chasin spies that the real job of protecting us from crime is out
the door.?
what the f**k does this have to do with homelessness.? when are the
homeless going to join their brothers in poverty and start terrorizing
the rich? or are we so frightening them already that we make it easy for
the real committed folks to do their job. in my heart i want them to
   i'm an all american boy and i love my privilege as a citizen of the
most wastefull nation on earth, and i know that the fight for human
dignity is against my vested interests, but as one of the
disenfranchised victims of the drug wars i want this fascist government
of amerika overthrown. if it takes scams to take make the money to
finance this war against an inhumane government, i'm for it.
power to the people.

William Tinker wrote:
>  Sunday, October 21, 2001
>  By JACQUELINE L. SALMON, The Washington Post
>  “Your contribution will be used to help respond to the immediate and
>  long-term needs of the victims,” the form reads. “Please, donate now.”
>  It’s easy. It’s also a scam.
>  None of the big three – the Red Cross, the United Way or the New York
>  Community Trust –
>  More than $1 billion has been collected by bona fide organizations,

bona fide meaning we pay our executives millions and give the needy a pittance

 >  Online donating even got a boost from President Bush, who shortly
after the
>  attacks urged Americans to do their donating at the Web site
>  libertyunites.org, a joint venture of AOL Time Warner, Amazon.com, Cisco
>  Systems and other high-tech organizations.

these groups could have donated their ill gotten gains and prooved their
humanity with out asking for the donations. bill gates should have let
loose with billions himself. not to mention our 40 million dollar vice
president. how bout a few million of the halliburton funds that came
from quitting his job. please let him know hiding in the bunker is
cowardice. off the pigs.  eat the rich