[Hpn] Thief swipes funds used by homeless: Money earmarked for apartment deposits

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Saturday, October 20, 2001
Dominion Post <http://www.dominionpost.com>
[Morgantown <http://www.morgantown.com>, West Virginia]
Daily (Latest) News section
Thief swipes funds used by homeless

Money earmarked for apartment deposits

The Dominion Post

A thief stole into the Bartlett House, Morgantown's homeless shelter, and 
made off with $3,822 of the clients' money.

Executive Director Sally Shingleton said the money and some food stamps were 
kept in a locked box in an office downstairs. The theft occurred sometime 
between 4 p.m. Thursday and Friday morning. The money was part of the 
shelter's disbursement funds, which is an in-house bank that holds clients' 

"Three clients have just been approved for apartments. This money 
represented their deposits for those apartments," Shingleton said.

"They struggle to save enough to get the deposit for an apartment so they 
can move out of the shelter, and now this," she said. Two of the clients 
were to pay their deposit Friday, she said.

The money was also used for items that the clients need. "Sort of a petty 
cash fund," she said.

Police said the thief apparently knew where the box was kept. City police 
detectives are investigating.

Sgt. Phil Scott said the front door of the Bartlett House on University 
Avenue was jimmied. The report indicates that "the window separating the 
foyer and lounge was taken out and another door window leading to the 
offices was also removed."

The door to the office was opened and the locked box taken. Shingleton said 
the windows were "placed neatly against the wall," and the clients upstairs 
did not hear anything.

"The insurance company is coming Monday," Shingleton said, "and we're hoping 
the money will be covered. Unfortunately, the clients will have to wait for 
their new apartments until that all happens."

Anyone with information is asked to call Morgantown City Police detectives 
at 284-7522 or the Tipline at 284-7500 to leave an anonymous tip. Detective 
Steve Ford is investigating.


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