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Whispered Media Premieres "Boom - The Sound of Eviction" / SF CA USA (fwd)

Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 18:33:31 -0700
From: whispered media <WM@VideoActivism.org>
Subject: *** Premiere of "Boom - The Sound of Eviction" ***

For Immediate Release: 10/15/2001

San Francisco Documentary Filmmakers
Explode the Myths of the Dot-Com Boom

San Francisco -  Whispered Media announces the premiere of their
feature-length documentary, "Boom - The Sound of Eviction." "Boom"
explores the effects of the recent dot-com boom and bust on community
displacement and gentrification, particularly in San Francisco's
largely Latino Mission District.

The first San Francisco screenings will take place at the Roxie
Cinema, November 4th and 5th (http://www.roxie.com).

By turns humorous and scathing "Boom" delves into the ironies and
contradictions of the "New Economy" and delivers a potent social
critique that is ambitious in its scope, while remaining close to the
human scale. The viewer moves easily between dot-com party crashing
at one end of the economic spectrum and painful moments with families
forced out of their homes at the other. "Boom" features interviews
with dot-com workers, real estate developers, and Mayor Willie Brown,
as well as those who challenged the new economic order through
community organizing, electoral politics, and direct action.
Dramatic footage of communities in conflict brings you out into the
streets while experts and community members themselves offer analysis
of the social and historic forces which have shaped the current
political landscape.

In addition to doggedly pursuing the daily drama of San Francisco
gentrification and resistance, the filmmakers have amassed an
enormous amount of material from which to fashion their motion
picture. "Boom" draws on 60's-era tourist movies, 50's educational
films and other archival materials as well as a rainbow of
slice-of-life images that paint a detailed portrait of San
Francisco's lightning transformation from funky western outpost to
high-tech haven.

"Boom - The Sound of Eviction" (100 minutes) is Whispered Media's
first feature-length documentary.  Made on a miniscule budget by a
volunteer crew, "Boom" was created with the support of many community
members who donated their work to this effort, including
photographers, musicians, performance artists, film archivists, and
other filmmakers whose work is featured in the documentary.
Music by Amaldecor, Antibalas, Aztlan Underground, Coldcut, Fugazi,
Japonize Elephants, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Mushroom, and
Tortoise, as well as original sound design by Alex Theory and Alan

Formed in 1996, San Francisco's Whispered Media is best known locally
for "The Pie's The Limit," their video about the pie-throwing Biotic
Baking Brigade. They are also one of the founding collectives within
the Independant Media Center (indymedia.org), and co-produced two IMC
documentaries, "Showdown in Seattle: Five Days that Shook the WTO"
and "Breaking the Bank." They have also been very active in their
community, documenting direct action protests and other political
events, teaching workshops, and coordinating screenings of the Video
Activist Network (VAN), which bring attention and resources to a
range of social justice issues. Past screenings have highlighted East
Timor independence, the WTO Seattle demonstrations, ancient forest
defense, and San Francisco gentrification and homelessness.

The 7:00 pm show on Sunday, November 4 will be a special benefit
screening, with proceeds going to the Mission Anti-Displacement
Coalition (MAC) and the Redstone Tenants Association. Advance tickets
for this benefit are available at Modern Times Bookstore at 888
Valencia Street in San Francisco, (415) 282-9246.

CONTACT: For more information, contact Elliot at the Roxie at (415)
431-3611, or Whispered Media at (415) 626-4942 to schedule future
screenings in your area. More details and stills are available at


"Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul."
--Edward Abbey

Whispered Media
P.O. Box 40130
San Francisco, CA 94140 USA
(415) 789-8484
Video Activist Network


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