[Hpn] 5th Homelessness Marathon Set For Portland Oregon February 5-6, 2002

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5th Homelessness Marathon Set For Portland Oregon February 5-6, 2002

Homelessness Marathon:


-- An Annual 14-hour radio broadcast, a national 'town hall' on homelessness 
& poverty. Features the voices & stories of homeless persons from around the 
United States.

Below is a forward of a press release recently received about the upcoming 
5th Homelessness Marathon for those who have not already come across it yet.

Morgan <norsehorse@hotmail.com>
Morgan W. Brown
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Contact:  Jeremy Alderson, 607-546-2084, radio@lightlink.com
              Lyn Gerry, 315-539-2848, redlyn@loop.com


The mission of this acclaimed radio broadcast is to let homeless people
speak to the nation, but that's not all that happens during this annual,
overnight program which has originated from a different city each
year.   Host "Nobody," broadcasts from outdoors to dramatize the plight
of people with nowhere to go in the cold.  For 14 hours he interviews
experts on various aspects of poverty in America (e.g. health care,
hunger, public housing, etc.) and takes calls from around the country in
addition to talking with homeless people.
     	The Homelessness Marathon -- already the largest media event in
America focusing on poverty -- has been widely recognized as an historic
broadcast.  Tapes of the marathons have been archived by libraries at
Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, UCLA, Berkeley, the University of Chicago and
many other institutions around the country.
       	The 4th marathon was on at least 35 stations coast-to-coast,
including stations broadcasting to such major metropolitan areas as Los
Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.  The 5th
marathon will be hosted in Portland by community radio station KBOO and
"Street Roots," Portland's homeless paper.
     	"I've really come to believe that the American people want this
problem solved," says Nobody. "That's the good news.  But there's bad news
too.  The ongoing terrorist attacks and economic downturn are sure to make
the numbers on the streets spike up dramatically.  I think there's going
to be an urgency to the next marathon unlike anything we've encountered
       	The Homelessness Marathon is a consciousness raising, not a
fund-raising event.  "We don't want people to think this is a matter of
charity," says Nobody.  "It's a matter of changing our national
priorities.  And to do that, we've got to listen to what homeless
people, themselves, have to say."
	More information is available at the marathon's web site

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Morgan W. Brown
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