[Hpn] No Sitting/ No Lying/ No Sitting Ordinance in Austin, TX

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Sun, 14 Oct 2001 21:12:16 -0700 (PDT)

Though the ordnance was passed its restrictions are
labeled and specific, and dose not apply to the
"disabled."  The targeted population are overly
agressives that get into my face as a formerly
homeless person. Those that currently sleep in the
doors of businesses will probably get a 7:00 wake up
call if they refuse to move they will then get a
citation or be hauled off. The cause is two fold of
why I say this. It is a fact that our new and
temporary shelter is full by 6 pm an hour befor it
opens. APD can not enforce this measure unless there
is space currently available during these hours. For
street entertainers, persons with walking aids the
rule is not to apply, It is generally not to apply if
you are just an individual that is overly tired.  The
situation is for the safety of the majority, including
fellow homeless and disabled.  I have told Jackie and
Beverly how we the homeless and disabled feel. HTH
should offer its hands to the more harshly disabled of
Austin, that get injured by the targeted group.

 Gather citations, then as you say CDC should take two
years to resolve each case.

HTH failed to get me the $30 fee waver for the CDC
when I recently picked up and commuted the citation to
the CDC, for vending without a permit while I was only
passing out fliers for my mayor bid, to which my
violation is a more pertanant 1st amendment violation,
and our fair election code. This violation is in-part
reflection of HTH venders license that I appropriated
from your office. HTH should have taken my complaints
to TCRP, and to a host of others. However HTH has its
specific adgenda leaving me relitivly dry.

  I openly offer the homeless a trade off that is far
better than what we currently have as it responds to
all the community concerns. The Homeless prefer my
trades as it offers them some protection of other
homeless and poor that prey on them, it offers
oppertunity if they work for it. They prefer the
potential of getting the citation rather than dealing
with the potential of injury from the targeted
population. I fully recognize all sides of the
problem, as I continue to have no paying job and am
potentially being refused conceit to sell at the fall
Homeless Art show in a few weeks as I place my next
bid for city council. I still offer occasional sofa
and floor space to our homeless, and am still
committed to our freeze shelter program, sponsored by
the churches.

If a person is working in Austin they still earn far
less than a living wage though it is nearly two
dollars per hour more than you quote.  A living wage
is needed however it is as you realize a matter for a
voting referendum that I would promote.  However I
have as of yet to see the circulators hitting the
streets.  Similar laws are on the adgenda throughout
our nation at this point.

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