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  EYE magazine, Toronto - 10.11.01

Oct. 16 protests loom


Organizers and supporters of the Ontario Common Front say their protest is
coming soon to a financial district near you.

The OCF was formed in response to a call from the Ontario Coalition Against
Poverty for a campaign of economic disruption to challenge government
policies on workers and social services.

The OCF -- which officially kicked off its campaign in June with OCAP's mock
eviction of Ontario Finance Minister Jim Flaherty from his Whitby
constituency office -- plans a day of action in Toronto on Tuesday (Oct.
16). They hope to shut down the city's financial district.

Here is a brief and subject-to-change guide to what's planned.

* Ontario Common Front/Ontario Coalition Against Poverty At 5am, OCAP
volunteers will treat protesters to a pancake breakfast at Nathan Phillips
Square. At 6, protesters head south to the financial district. "Affinity
groups" -- small, close-knit crews of activists -- will break away from the
main march at various points for individual protests. Activists emphasize
non-violence and oppose what they say are poverty-inducing policies.

* Toronto Mobilization for Global Justice "On Oct. 16, there's going to be
an attempt to organize at Simcoe Park to have a Safe Zone where there will
be an open mic and a speak-out," says Joel Duff, Mob4Glob member and Ontario
chair for the Canadian Federation of Students, which has endorsed the OCF
campaign. Duff says the OCF research committee has linked a few
financial-district corporations to war preparations and that Mob4Glob plans
to select one of these companies for a peaceful protest, like a mock
war-crimes tribunal.

* First Nations First Nations groups that have signed on to the OCF campaign
include Seventh Fire Akwesasne, Seventh Fire Grand River, Seventh Fire
Kahnawake and Seventh Fire Tyendinaga.

* Canadian Auto Workers -- The CAW has withdrawn its support from OCAP, but
an OCF flyer still lists CAW locals as campaign endorsers. While the CAW
will not have an official presence, union members will likely be involved in
protests on Oct. 16.

* Ryerson University An 'activist fair' will be held to provide information
and encouragement to protesters.

* High schools Student walkouts are expected at high schools across the=

* Scotia Plaza "I am aware of the planned Day of Action, but I can't speak
of that," says David Sankey, manager of Life, Safety and Security at Scotia
Plaza. "I don't discuss security issues with somebody I don't know." Asked
what sort of security measures are planned for Oct. 16, Sankey is
incredulous: "You're going to publish it prior to the demo? I don't think
you're gonna get that information!"

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  EYE magazine, Toronto - 10.11.01

Alternative news outlets spread activist message


On Oct. 16, when a province-wide campaign of economic disruption goes into
high gear, a group of volunteer writers, citizen-journalists and activists
working for the Independent Media Centre Ontario -- also known as IMC
Ontario, or just Indymedia -- plan to cover the day's events from a
non-corporate perspective. A physical site for IMC Ontario is being
established at 401 Richmond W., which is also home to the offices of This
magazine, Web Networks, the Native Women's Centre and Earthroots.

The group's first challenge will be waking early enough to report on the
day's events. "Action for Oct. 16 kicks off at 5am, so IMC volunteers will
have to meet sometime in the middle of the night," wrote Geoffrey Young in
an Oct. 1 post to IMC's Web site, ontario.indymedia.org.

Sleep deprivation is not the only hazard. At the G8 meeting in Genoa, for
example, an Indymedia centre far from any street action was raided by
police, resulting in property damage and injury to IMC volunteers.

Credibility is another issue for the IMC. Because anyone can post a report
to the Web site, there is no quality control. But not everyone who writes
for Indymedia will be an OCAP or OCF stalwart.

"The focus on OCAP is something we have to minimize," says Indymedia writer
Stuart Duncan. About 74 other groups with a wide range of perspectives --
all anti-Harris and all anti-poverty activists -- are expected to
participate in the Oct. 16 march.

"We're going to be out there with our cameras," says Jonathan Culp of the
Toronto Video Activist Collective (www.tvac.ca). TVAC, which has produced
videos documenting protests in Toronto, Quebec and Ottawa, plans to send out
three or four camera teams on Oct. 16. They will post the footage to their
Web site, and screen it on mobile TV/VCR units around the city on Oct. 17
and on Oct. 19, the first ever Media Democracy Day.

CKLN 88.1 FM, the community and campus broadcaster based at Ryerson
University, offers a range of alternatives to the mainstream media,
including OCAP Radio (on Word of Mouth, 6-7pm Fridays). This week, CKLN
featured Oct. 16-related programming to provide background to the
anti-poverty and anti-Harris campaign, and to promote listener participation
in the Ontario Common Front.

"We want to explain to the broader community what the campaign is and the
context in which it arises," says Kristen Schwartz, a news director at CKLN.

"We'll have a team of around 10 people who've been working on [the OCF
campaign], we'll have updates on everything every hour on the hour," adds
Schwartz about Oct. 16 coverage. "We're networked to other community radio
stations across Ontario."

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