[Hpn] Re: legal help wated

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Tue, 09 Oct 2001 14:29:25 -0700 (PDT)

Legal help wanted.

I feel very violated at this time due to what we
consider our first amendment rights.
 I turned in 164 signatures on the first petition. I
was later informed that all of the first petition
signatures were invalid and had to re file due to it
being a partial thus invalidating the petition, the
city clerk is not mandated to follow common sense or
even do their job just follow there dictates. what
should have occurred was that these signatures be
returned and the filing it self held in limbo.  I then
went out and collected over 300 more signatures and
nearly half of them were canceled as well.
  Every day as I collected signatures I was harassed
by both police and local businesses telling me that I
could not solicit in accordance to the city campaign
code. Although the person next to me would often be a
get in the face panhandler. I stood strong against
this type of action even received a citation in the
process.  I feel that our system has let the people
down. I feel that I have let my people down our
homeless, poor, indigent, and disabled. I feel that I
have let you down.
I just couldn't levy the essential support. I'll
continue to try to find some type of legal assistance
for now before I go back into my art, for three
months, and provide the freeze shelter program for the
fifth year. Then try to take a council seat again in
the spring. Same position just a little less clout.

Bill a personal note of thanks for trying, I again had
to chastise you a little. Again by all means speak out
against the injustices of the world. Be a little more
careful, and caring about how you do it.

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