[Hpn] National Request for Needs Assessments from Frontline Service Programs in USA (fwd)

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National Request for Needs Assessments from Frontline Service Programs

  From Humanitarian Resource Institute
  Saturday, October 06, 2001

CARSON CITY, NEVADA - Escalating needs on the grass roots level across the
United States has prompted Humanitarian Resource Institute to expand the
scope of America's National Community Needs Database to include public
access to needs assessments from front-line service programs.  The
objective of this initiative is to provide an internet based resource to
facilitate access to information vital for strategic planning and
development of solution oriented initiatives to support community service
programs addressing issues such as hunger, homelessness, poverty, housing,
crisis intervention, utilities assistance, health care, and community
service programs.

To provide immediate access to this information, front line service
programs are asked to upload needs assessments and unmet needs overviews on
their internet web sites.  Next, the program is asked to send the url for
access to this information, organization, state and county via email to
<usdatabase@humanitarian.net>.  Programs that do not currently have web
sites will be able to submit reports via Word or PDF Files.  These web
sites and documents will then be added to a Needs Assessments link on each
county web site and will be accessible for continual updates on America's
National Community Needs Database.

The public access to this information will serve as a valuable tool for
federal, state and local response to community needs as well as
contributions of professional time, talents, manpower, inkind and financial
donations.  Humanitarian Resource Institute is committed to the support of
grass roots service programs as an advocate for public education and

  For additional information on America's National Community Needs
Database, visit:


  For more information, contact:
  Stephen M. Apatow
  Humanitarian Resource Institute
  203 668 0282
  Web site: http://www.humanitarian.net

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