[Hpn] Where are the drums? Come October 13th ... and stay!

Ellen Thomas prop1@prop1.org
Sun, 07 Oct 2001 10:14:10 -0400

Ten years ago another Bush prepared to invade Iraq, and people came outside
the White House by the dozens to stay in Peace Park and drum against the
war.  They came about a week before the ground war started.  We're getting
awfully close to war in Afghanistan, and I wonder, where the heck are the
drums?  Come drum for disarmament!  http://www.prop1.org/protest/quest/mdc.htm

Especially on October 13th, when in solidarity with people around the
world, drums will be pounding outside the White House to Stop Star Wars -
No Weapons In Space!  See http://www.space4peace.org.

Ellen Thomas

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