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National Homelessness Strategy
Calls for Submissions - 30th October

The National Homelessness Strategy is being developed with advice from
the Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Homelessness (CACH) – a body
appointed by the Minister and comprised of community members.

Members of this committee have been working over the past six months
develop a report that they believe represents the key issues needing
be looked at by the Commonwealth in developing a National Homelessness
Strategy. They are also keen that this document reflects the issues
concerns most often expressed by their colleagues in the community,
within the homelessness sector.

The Minister for Family and Community Services, Amanda Vanstone,
recently released the CACH’s paper, Working Towards a National
Homelessness Strategy which identifies issues and possible solutions
homelessness in Australia. There are twenty separate sections in the
paper, and individuals and organisations developing submissions are
asked to clearly indicate the section(s) to which they are responding

This structure reflects the complex range of issues needing to be
canvassed, and allows for organisations with a specific
interest/expertise in particular areas to focus on making comments in
that area.A proforma has been developed that organisations may wish to
use in developing their submission. It is located on the NHS website.

The NHS and CACH are eager for government and non-government
organisations and individuals to input and create link to the NHS.
information on the NHS and getting involved can be obtained from the
FaCS website (See article this page).
Public submissions addressing issues and solutions proposed in the
close on 30 October 2001. Additionally, a round of targeted community
consultations on the CACH paper will be held in October 2001, and
comments will be sought from State and Territory Governments.

A summary of the written submissions along with outcomes from
consultations will be included in a Community Consultation Report to
prepared by an external consultant. This Report will be delivered to
CACH for consideration by late November 2001.

More information on the NHS and getting involved can be obtained from
the FaCS website www.facs.gov.au/nhs?

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