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To Whom It Concerns
If this is anything like our NH Politics you got a good ol' boy system in
place that makes it next to impossible to be a new politician that has no
dirt hanging onto your coat tails,this is why its probably virtually
impossible to fight city hall because of corruption and the idea that the
out going mayor already has selected his successor.
But John MacPherson keep every thing very visible and these corrupt
officials will not be able to wage their campaign in the light of day.
As I stated before if we as a homeless net work of volunteers can help you I
for one am most happy to help in any way I can.
A Brother In Peace And In Strife
New Hampshire Homeless
25 Granite Street
Northfield,N.H. 03276 USA
Advocate,activist for displaced,disabled and human rights
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I am John Macpherson, candidate for mayor.  I am being
hampered by the city of Austin as I pose a reasonable
challenge to Gus Garcia. 164 of my initial filing
signatures have been revoked, Betty the city clerk
also removed my name from the list of valid
candidates, as well as tossed my petition.   I have
re-acquired an all new set of signatures.  However at
this time fear that they will not be properly handled.

Noontime today, 10-1-01, I was passing out fliers to
people passing through Rennasaince Market I was cited
for being an unlicensed vendor.  Though I had some of
my artwork on display I had no price tags attached. My
primary purpose was to distribute information about my
services that I have provided in the past, to collect
signatures for my ballot petition, to inform people
about voting. I did not sell anything there though it
is viable for me to do so as part of a charitable
donation to defraying my expenses, as stipulated by

I explained to both park PD and APD that that is what
I was doing there.  I believe though a vending permit
is required for the location I am exempt under the
Austin Campaign Ordinance for what I was doing.  These
forms of harassment should declare this special
election invalid as I now fear jail time should my
rights not be fully protected.