[Hpn] Sleeping Rough: Down and Out in London and Sydney

Ria Strong strongvoice@start.com.au
Wed, 03 Oct 2001 13:17:20 +1000

(Australia's) Radio National
Life Matters
with Geraldine Doogue 
On Tuesday 2/10/01 


Imagine for the moment you are alone, you have no money, nowhere to
stay, and no food … in fact, all you have are the clothes on your back
… how would you survive?

Well, you might be forced to join the many homeless people who sleep
rough every night in the public spaces of Australia.

Broadly defined there are about 100,000 homeless people in Australia
who require, but can’t get, a permanent roof over their heads … some
rely on temporary accommodation provided by charities, others rely on
the kindness of friends … whilst a significant proportion – the people
we’ll be talking about today - sleep exposed to the elements, often
with nothing but a piece of cardboard and a blanket to keep them warm.

How do you think you’d fare if one day you woke up to greet the new
dawn in similar circumstances? 

Guests on this program: 
 Jan Ali 
Postgraduate Student, UNSW; researcher on homelesness 
Sells The Big Issue; slept rough in London 

The program is available as a RealAudio file, for those of you who can
access it:

Unfortunately, a transcript isn't available.

- Ria

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