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Displaced advocates activists and housing lists,
Please take the time to read and perhaps steer this family to decent
housing and out of this night mare they are in.
Thank you I believe any one in Southern California may be able to help?
A Brother
From: "Donna Moss" <Autumnmoon2342@aol.com>
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Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 4:40 PM
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 Hi All this is an email that I sent to wtinker he pointed me to this
 board maybe someone can help, I'm looking for organizations that I can
 get involved with in the Southern California Area or a board for the
 Southern California Area as I told Wtinker in my email I don't have
 money but I do have a voice and am able to write letters. so any help
 would be much appreciated.

> Hi,
> I don't know quite where to start but I thought maybe you can help me?
> Let me explain my situation. My husband and I as well as a very close
> friend and our 2 dogs are homeless at this time. We were evicted from
> our home a little over 2 months ago for non payment of rent. it's not
> that we didn't want to pay rent but could not. as strange as it may
> sound we together are partners in a business the business is not doing
> well enough to support us in southern California, yes you may be
> thinking why didn't you close the business and get a job well that had
> problems of its own since most people don't understand that it takes
> money to also close a business either via bankruptcy or to just move
> your supplies out of the rented unit. Our business doesn't have
> thousands of dollars of inventory so there is not a lot that is worth
> much in selling off. anyway none of us were working other jobs we were
> all working the business so if we closed the business we would then be
> closing off any possibility of coming up with the money to pay rent or
> to move. and since the rent that we had was more than one of the
> partners could make alone by working another job it was impossible,
> Perhaps we were stupid tying to continue but we were hoping things would
> get better and since this business would be are only chance of getting
> somewhere in life none of us come from wealthy parents with houses but
> poor families we knew we would never have another chance and that it
> would mean working for someone else for the rest of our lives for wages
> that can barley keep you afloat which also meant that we would never own
> a house, a new car or have any security in our lives so I guess that's
> why we were so stubborn in keeping the business alive. anyway now that
> you have some history back to the present after we were evicted we put
> our belonging in storage that we managed and had enough money for we did
> have some money but not enough to cover a first and last and in most
> cases not even a first months rent so we had no where to go my parents
> and my husband live in retirement homes and we were unable to stay there
> are other partner and friend had no family. So our only option was to
> stay at the business my husband built a small little room for us to stay
> in as well as keep the dogs in. there is no gas heat in the building so
> it gets very cold at night. We have been trying to save money to find a
> place but find since we can not cook that feeding ourselves becomes very
> expensive even for fast food.  everything was OK and we were trying to
> save for a place and keep the business, that's until someone turned us
> in for having the little room and now the city has been out and has told
> us we must tear down the room because we have no permits for it. we have
> only 10 days to comply we have saved some money and are looking hard for
> an affordable place to live in my area that is a feat in it self. Now
> though we have run into another wall our credit is pretty bad because of
> the business and the eviction and most people want to run a credit
> check. I find that if you don't have good credit you might as well have
> leprosy no on will touch you.  I don't know what will happen o us we
> just kinda roll with the punches. Now that you know what is happening
> with me I will get to the point of my email to you I am not asking for
> help but have found that since its has happened to me I have opened my
> eyes and have been reading many articles about homelessness, I find it
> appalling that so many are homeless and many are hungry in this time
> when all of America is pumped up and waving their flags and saying that
> we are the greatest country when really we as a country should be
> ashamed that so many of our people live either in unfit conditions,
> homeless and on the street or are hungry have no health insurance and
> numerous other conditions. I was shocked to read an article about a
> family that was homeless and living in their car with there 2 dogs only
> to find out that the dogs were being taken away from them because the
> car was an unfit condition for the dogs to live in but yet they left the
> people to live in the car Unbelievable!!!  I also find that there is not
> enough resources from our states (Especially California) or our federal
> government to help people in these various situations and the few that
> do exists there is so much red tape they don't help at all. This brings
> me to my question how can I help where and what places or organizations
> can I get involved with?? I don't have money but I do have a voice and I
> can write I do believe its time for our government and the nation to see
> this problem and stop pretending that it doesn't exsists. Its time that
> the voices of the homeless and the hungry be heard as a Voice in America
> and as Americans. Please let me know I do want to help and feel very
> strongly about this. Perhaps this is way God has led me down this road
> I'm not sure but I do know what I feel and I am upset and angry that
> this problem has been ignored for so long.
> Thanks for listening
> Donna
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