[Hpn] Witnesses Wanted to Camp Paradise Removal Police Are Expected for Dawn Raids

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Residents expect Camp's removal 7AM Friday morning

November 29, 2001
by Becky Johnson

Santa Cruz, Ca. --  As torrential rains pour down on Camp Paradise, the
green light to bust it is shining. The City Council, under Emily Reilly's
leadership has called for the removal without another location determined
"as soon as possible."  The Courts have ruled under Commissioner Irwin
Joseph's November 26th ruling that camping is "not a necessity."  And the
National Guard Armory is now open with an extra 75 shelter spaces providing
the council with the excuse that shelter is available.

Larry Templeton, co-counder of Camp Paradise, after conferring with SCPD
officers at the camp earlier today, believes they will come tommorrow at 7
AM to remove the camp. "We ain't going to stop 'em," he told Friends of Camp
Paradise neighbor, Carl Wilson.  "We want as many supporters as possible to
come down and witness the police removal of the camp."  Larry is considering
setting up the camp again somewhere else and inviting all the homeless
campers in the City to join him.

Nevermind that few will be able to use those armory spaces.  Those with
animals, active contagious respiratory diseases, weakend immune systems,
unaccompanied minors or in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction and
warned by their counselors to stay away from people who are using.  Add to
that list, families with children who are afraid of CPS child seizures.
Couples who want to sleep together at night and those who have jobs during
the day that don't allow them to make the 3PM - 3:30PM daily sign-up out at
115 Coral St.  And now, with all the anti-terrorism requirements, those
seeking shelter in the armory must have current state-certified ID.  Many
homeless people have lost everything they have so many times, that few can
qualify for the spaces, and Camp Paradise residents are not exception.
"That's just about everyone in the camp," said Kay Phillips who was
convicted on November 26th for illegally setting up a campsite.

Homeless Resource Officer Eric Seily visited Camp Paradise earlier today and
gave everyone there a big yellow sheet with large WARNING letters informing
them they are violating Municipal 6.36.  He promised to be back tommorrow to
remove anything that had not been removed yet.  Seily has made these
warnings before and nothing came of it.  But no one believes he is talking
idly now.  Vice-Mayor Emily Reilly, like a demented Martha Stewart, has
expressed impatience that police have not yet removed the camp. Newly
elected Mayor Christopher Krohn's first act as mayor may be the removal of
Camp Paradise.

DIRECTIONS TO CAMP PARADISE:  Take Ocean St. to the Denny's Restaurant near
Hwy 17 and Hwy 1.  Turn on Felker St. and take to the end. Walk up the
levee, taking the first right onto a dirt path which goes under the Hwy 1
Bridge over the San Lorenzo River.  Follow the path about 300 yds. upriver
from the bridge to the bridge over the goldfish pond.


For more information: Call Carl Wilson at 425-4787
Call HUFF at (831) 423-HUFF for a recorded message of the latest information
Call Mayor Christopher Krohn at (831) 420-5020 ext 3 and urge him to prevent
the removal of the camp until another site is available for them to go to.
Call Vice-Mayor Emily Reilly and ask her why she is unrelenting to homeless
people  420-5020 ext. 7
To contact Becky Johnson e-mail at becky_johnson@sbcglobal.net