[Hpn] Tom

Virginia Sellner wch@vcn.com
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 15:07:39 -0700

Hi folks, Tom is, as you have probably noticed, off line again -- it
will take $99.75 to pay off his total bill -- and they will not turn it
on again, permanently, until they have at least $75.00.  If anyone out
there can help him on this please contact me ASAP and I will give you
the necessary information so that you can get any funds you can spare
directly to earthlink.  I am going to start paying his monthly bill as
soon as we can get it turned on -- and will be able to send $20.00 now,
and maybe a bit more next week.

I think with the plan that's been devised so I can pay his bill he will
not have this problem again.

Please, as I said, contact me immediately if you can help and I will
send you the necessary information.

We need to keep Tom on line!!!

Thanks again.