[Hpn] Operation Weed and Seed - social cleansing initiative of U.S. DOJ

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Check out the URL at the bottom of the message. This is really scary stuff.


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Subject: [wnusp] Operation Weed and Seed
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 22:35:25 EST

Operation Weed and Seed

Operation Weed and Seed is a joint federal, state, and local coordinated law
enforcement and community investment initiative sponsored by the U.S.
Department of Justice under the local leadership of the Office of the Mayor
and the United States Attorney.

Operation Weed and Seed is a multi agency strategy that weeds out socially
undesirable people living in local communities. Local steering committees are
formed that decide how best to accomplish this weeding out process.

These local steering committees consists of the U.S. Attorney, Private
Business Owners, Union Representatives, Residents (including youth and
elderly), Corporations operating in Target Area, Chief of Police, Faith-based
Representatives, School Administrators, teachers, Superintendent, Non-Profit
Leader, District Prosecutor, Law Enforcement Coordinator from USAO, Regional
Leaders of Federal Departments and agencies (HUD, HHS, Small Business Admin,
etc.), Representative(s) from city agencies (housing, code enforcement, Dept
of Recreation, etc.), and Military community outreach staff.

Harassment groups have been equipped with sophisticated surveillance
technology and non-lethal weapon to target undesirable people living in
communities. Military and police technology have been given to private
citizens who are members of these harassment groups. These harassment groups
are using this technology to place people considered undesirable by the
communities under surveillance and attack them with non-lethal weapons.
People with mental disabilities may be prime targets for these harassment
groups. These harassment groups may be the direct result of operation Weed
and Seed. The government and military connection is there, as well as the

I have been targeted by one of these harassment groups for over three years.
A person's race, sexual orientation, past history, metal state, political
views, attitude, or ideas can make him or her a target of these harassment
groups. These harassment groups operate above the law, so they are free to
target anyone they desire. These harassment groups are a magnet for racist
cops who blame minorities for America's woes. If you would like to learn more
about these harassment groups, please access my web page listed on the first
URL listed below. The website of operation Weed and Seed is also listed

If you would like to help stop this harassment group, please write or email
the Camden County Prosecutor and ask him to investigate these harassment
groups. The Prosecutor's website URL is listed below. I would greatly
appreciate any help you can provide. The letter or email you send could be
the letter or email that finally persuades the prosecutor to go after these
terrorists. Please tell the prosecutor that all terrorist groups, including
secret police groups, should be investigated.

My Web Page:

Executive Office for Weed and Seed:

Camden County Prosecutor's Office in New Jersey:

Thank You,

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